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Blog 54

27th July 2020

By Louise Manning


O'Hearn Wedding

2nd May 2020

Restrictions were never going to stop these two lovers.

When the country came to a sudden stop Early-Mid March Josh & Meagen were devastated to learn they couldn’t have their dream wedding and as the restrictions worsened so did their plans. However not all hope was lost, it was quickly decided that either way the most important aspect was to get married and to not put their lives and plans on hold any longer. So they decided to have a beautiful and intimate elopement in their chosen church of St Joseph’s Church in East Maitland, a beautiful Maitland Wedding.

They invited all their wedding guests to join a special Facebook page and log into zoom and join them to watch their nuptials in the safety of their homes. We were ecstatic to get the opportunity to watch their special day also. I had a hand on my heart in aww listening to these two lovers the pure love and heart felt exchange of traditional vows and emotions Josh and Meagen expressed for one another. An added touch I really loved was all their guest’s photos were attached to the church pews to symbolise their involvement considering they couldn’t actually be there in person.

The beautiful Meagen’s hair was styled by Gloss Girl Bridal Story and makeup by Meagen herself (a skill she learnt in lockdown as her make up artist wasn’t allowed due to the restrictions). The flawless photography was captured by 3L Photography, picture perfect blooms by Hunter Valley Bouquets. Styling & planning by Hunter Events, decorations made by Meagen, stunning gown by Brides To Be Central Coast, complimented with rings by Whitakers Jewellers & Monty Adams Jewellery.

Once the wedding was completed and Josh & Meagen became Mr & Mrs O’ Hearn they visited Morpeth and its stunning surround including the Morpeth Bridge for photos that will last a lifetime.  To make their evening a little special while they were having their wedding photo’s taken their families set up their back room ready for an intimate reception where they cheers their marriage, cut cake made by Meagen, danced to their wedding song and listened to their special wedding playlist. Dinner was ordered and delivered by one of their favourite restaurants, Fratelli Roma and together they drank wine, planned their lives as a married couple and danced the night away sharing some of the cutest and most romantic newlywed photos we have ever seen.

We are excited to have helped plan and witness the O’Hearn elopement but equally excited for the huge Hunter Valley Wedding celebration that is set for the 2nd of May 2021.


Blog 53

Guest Blog

By MILK Books


   Keep Calm & Carry On: How To Keep Your Zen Amidst Your Postponed (Or Cancelled!) Wedding 

Planning your dream wedding requires you to devote a significant amount of time and effort for that special day to happen successfully. But when Coronavirus crashes your wedding plans and ruins it for you, it’s a whole different story. Even so, don’t fret; you’re not alone in this dilemma. Your postponed or cancelled wedding is one of the many casualties among the countless couples that were also looking forward to their special day just like you were.

We understand that it must have been devastating to learn that you had to push back your wedding date. This is most especially true if you’ve been planning your wedding for more than a year now and have been dreaming of that day since you were a kid. However, with the right attitude and the help of these steps, you and your partner can tread these uncertain waters with confidence!

  • Put Things Into Perspective

The first thing you’d want to do is to reconsider your wedding priorities. Ask yourself, what are the most important parts of your wedding that you want to happen no matter what? On the other hand, what are some of the things that you think you’ll be okay not doing? Are you flexible in modifying several things in order to adjust with these uncertain times? 

For instance, couples have been getting more and more creative to push through with their weddings and finally become husband and wife. Some have carried out more intimate ceremonies with only their family and few friends attending. Others even continued with remote wedding alternatives. 

At a time of a pandemic, remind yourself that the welfare of your family and guests is as important as the wedding itself. At the same time, know the limitations of what you can only conduct in your area and assess how to move forward with that in mind.


  1. Consult with Your Suppliers, Family and Guests

It’s absolutely necessary to revisit your contract with your vendors and learn about your mutual obligations and terms with them. It is because there are couples who had to pay for cancellation and postponement fees due to COVID-19. That’s why talking it out, compromising your terms, and coming up with plans B, C, and D are essential. That begs the question, do you really need to cancel your wedding? 

Additionally, learn which of your suppliers are open to adopting new schedules, if they will still be able to push through with their services and if their businesses are still open for the rest of the year and maybe even the next. Other concerns that you should tackle is to secure the availability of your venue, learn whether your florists can produce your flowers regardless of the season, and just essentially pick your way through your suppliers, one at a time.

    Lastly, it is also important that you notify your family and guests about the uncertainties of conducting your wedding. You can also be proactive in learning about their future plans once you finally decide to push through with your special day. 

  1. Be Open to New Possibilities

Across the globe, couples find ways to cope and adapt to what they now call the new normal. While the vaccine is yet to be created and social distancing becoming the norm, some have even suggested to stop rescheduling their wedding and continue with a coronavirus-friendly gathering instead.

Having an open mind and considering alternatives other than a traditional wedding like the aforementioned, can be your backup. Of course, as long as the safety of you and your guests are assured, you should still go after your dream wedding and follow through with what you and your partner desire. This is your wedding after all, and no one should be able to take away your once in a lifetime chance to make it more memorable.

However, with all these considerations in mind and an emerging trend in weddings after COVID-19, it wouldn’t hurt to have other possible courses of action. And if you do decide to follow the unconventional path, you should begin considering doing some of the work on your own if in any case that any of your suppliers fall short. 

You have the option to conduct your wedding shoot if you or your partner have the eye for that. And while you’re at it, maybe get it printed with a beautifully handcrafted photo album like this one. You could also have a go at making your invitations if you’re crafty and really artistic. 

With the crisis happening, people have a lot of time in their hands and you could use this as an opportunity to slowly work through the grunt of your wedding preparations. Your beautiful wedding will one day come; and once it does, it’ll be worth the long wait. What matters for now is you are safe and facing this challenge together. After all, the ultimate goal is not the wedding itself, but the journey of going through life together. 


Blog 52

15th May 2020

By Louise Manning


Scott Wedding

7th March 2020

Plan A, Plan B or should be go with Plan C?

The Scott’s to be from discussions the day prior had a tough decision to make, and we had until around 12noon on the day of the wedding to decide to allow adequate time to set up for the ceremony. With mother nature threating rain and the wind increasing Plan A on the top of the hill over looking the heads and Bar Beach was achievable but increased risk not to mention the hill was rather wet from prior rainfall, our plan B was to host our ceremony on the dance floor of the reception however as I arrived the lovely Cara of our venue at Caves Costal Bar and Bungalows offered us a Plan C to host this wedding on the Boardwalk as it wasn’t being used and there were no other weddings, so I went off to greet the girls and help Chantelle in making a decision on Plan A, B or now C. After careful deliberation and even a boardwalk visit Chantelle decided to be safe and run with Plan C. I immediately advised our ceremony suppliers including The Event Master that suppled the signing table, easel, peacock chairs and ceremony benches and Hunter Valley Bouquets that did an amazing job on the florals and the supplied the arbour and styling items for both ceremony and reception. Whilst the ceremony set up came to life, I assisted the lovely bridesmaids in building the beautiful cake tower of tasty Krispy Kreme donuts and a few flowers and a little greenery added to the overall look.

I checked in again with the ladies and what a stunning job Steff Matheson Makeup and Renee Walkhom Hair had done on the ladies and mums. Not too far away was our boys getting photographed by the ever so talented Bryce Noone Photography. It was soon time for the boys to head down to the ceremony area and Bryce wanted to do a few more captures of the girls before I brought them out, ensuring the boys couldn’t see Chantelle we headed on down to the board walk where the lovely Julie Muir greeted Mitch and did a little ceremony run through, Mitch’s nerves were defiantly in over drive, as guests began to arrive they definitely didn’t ease.

The deck was full of beautifully dressed and smiling faces ready to witness the marriage of Chantelle and Mitch. Julie and I went to meet with the girls and adjusted the bridal entry plan to suit the new location as the girls prepared to walk down the isle Julie greeted the guests and began the ceremony. At the right moment each bridesmaid wearing dresses from ASOS headed toward the ceremony followed by the breathtakingly beautiful Chantelle dressed in a gown from Lily Grace Bridal escorted by proud Dad Mark. Mitchell was shaking with nerves but as his gorgeous bride arrived into his vision she was greeted with a smile from ear to ear and his nerves eased as he gazed into the eyes of his soulmate. Julie conducted a beautiful ceremony that touched on endless personal attributes of the love and the journey these two have been on, they exchanged rings designed by Ritz Jewellers.

Once the ceremony drew to an end the gorgeous newlyweds exited the ceremony being showered in dried floral confetti from Julie Muir, they quickly heading down to the lower park for a huge group photo and our drone operator Trent from The Fusion Media along with Bryce absolutely nailed it. The bridal party headed off for beach photos and photos with the cool Kombi from Foreshore Kombi Hire, thankfully the weather held out, the magic Bryce & his assistant Andy created on the beach was second to none and I’m sure Chantelle & Mitch will treasure the photos forever. While this was happening, the guests enjoyed a beautiful spread of an antipasto grazing board in the foyer before entering the reception.

Soon enough our bridal party was back and ready to party, the guests entered the reception and I was honoured to be the Emcee for the evening. We did a little housekeeping and then welcomed our bridal party followed with the service of entrées. It was then time for a few speeches, in my emcee address I touched on a few aspects of the love story of Chantelle and Mitch. They have been together since high school and honestly, they are the perfect old married couple and a perfect fit one another, this was evident in a few very touching and heart felt speeches from a few VIPs that spoke. Once the speeches were completed the evening followed through with cutting of their Krispy Kreme Donut cake and their first dance as Husband and Wife, swapped half way through where the couple changed to an emotional father / daughter and mother / son dance. By this time the room was ready to PARTY and the tunes were left in the capable hands of Hunter Valley Wedding Entertainment as the evenings DJ. To add a different dimension to the evening and to swap out for traditional favours, we had the lovely ladies from Magnetic Shots capture memories and print images on magnets for guests to collect and keep yo pop on their fridge as a lasting memory.

The Scott wedding was so much fun we’d do it all again in heartbeat, we know Mitch will be happy to have his Saturday’s back for his beloved baseball and Chantelle will continue to be the prefect partner in life. We are so grateful you chose us to help plan your wedding, bring the final touches together and coordinate and emcee your special day. We wish you both endless happiness and can’t wait to see what your love story brings you.

The Line-up 

  •  Event Planning: Hunter Events 
  •  Styling: Hunter Events
  •  MC: Hunter Events 
  •  Event Coordinator: Hunter Events
  •  Venue: Caves Coastal Bar & Bungalows
  •  Styling hire: The Event Master
  •  Florals and styling goods: Hunter Valley Bouquets
  •  Make-up: Steff Matheson 
  •  Hair: Renee Walkham
  •  Photography: Bryce Noone Photography
  •  Celebrant: Julie Muir
  •  Bridesmaids dresses: ASOS
  •  Bridal gown: Lily Grace Bridal
  •  Rings: Ritz Jewellers
  •  Drone: The Fusion Media
  •  Foreshore Kombi Hire
  •  DJ: Hunter Valley Wedding Entertainment
  •  Favours: Magnetic Shots  


Blog 51

1st May 2020

By Louise Manning


Wheeler Wedding

8th February 2020


When mother nature has different plans…

From catching each other’s eyes at a club some 7 years ago to catching rain drops on their wedding day. The Wheeler wedding is one we will always remember.  The weather report in the lead up to Wheeler Wedding was looking very touch and go unsure whether or not we would be able to go with Plan A or Plan B, Rhiannon was understandably distraught about the pending decision and the forecast, however decided the day before that if we can’t go with Plan A on the gorgeous Zenith beach then she didn’t want to flip the reception to accommodate the ceremony so we explored alternative covered ceremony options and found a perfectly suitable spot at Nelson Bay Golf Club on the private veranda overlooking the stunning manicured golf course, with a mere 24hrs notice they locked us in as a backup and we made the call at 11am the day of the wedding to go with what we now knew as Plan C with the forecast threating rain we decided to keep our guests dry. Rhiannon and Daniel informed their guests and we hit the phones to inform all the suppliers including Photographer Nathan Lapham, Video by Luke Bickley,  Helen Hising as the celebrant, Crab Apple Hire, Whimsical Fox Events & Everlong Events handling the styling items, Ivy Lane creating the beautiful blooms and of course us coordinating.


Before long our guests started to arrive along with the handsome grooms men and of course Daniel dressed in suits from Connor, one thing I loved was a heartfelt photo pin of Daniel’s late mother that Daniel, his brother wore to ensure their mum was still a huge part of their special day. Soon our girls arrived styled by Emma Moore Make Up and assisted with hair design by Victoria Conway Makeup and dresses from Bariano and of course the gorgeous Rhiannon too wearing a custom gown from Nicole Michelle Couture Design, crown from Windsor Bridal Jewellery looking more stunning then ever again a heartfelt touch of her Pop attached to her bouquet. Daniel wanted to have Rhiannon walk half way down the aisle before turning around to see his bride for the first time as Rhiannon neared half way Daniel turned around and with happy tears in his eyes and his nerves somewhat lifting his infectious smile of pure happiness brought joy to all the guests, the ceremony was beautifully and heartfelt presented by the lovely Helen and the vows were equally entertaining and a true expression of their deep love for one another. They exchanged rings designed by Christensen’s Master Jewellers Dural.

As the ceremony drew to a close Mr & Mrs Wheeler for the first time were officially announced, they exited the isle being showered in a confetti display of rose petals followed by a bunch of photos soon after the bridal party headed off for photos along the golf course where they got a few little rain drops luckily they weather held off enough for them to capture some amazing photos on Zenith Beach.

The reception was an absolute hit and let’s say a PARTY held at Whitesands, Shoal Bay Country Club a picturesque venue delivering amazing food. Before the guests arrived there was a moment I have never experienced with a bride before, I was ushered outside to greet the bridal party who were peering through the windows of the venue and Rhiannon broke down in tears of joy and happiness through her tears she explained “it’s perfect it everything I envisioned and it’s amazing” with hugs and kisses and my instructions to stop crying off the bridal party went to freshen up my heart sung with happiness and joy.

The night began and I was honoured to be the emcee for Daniel and Rhiannon where I touched of a aspects of their love, as the rain bucketed down there were several speeches from a few VIPs that brought tears, laughter and joy that truly expressed the journey both Daniel and Rhiannon had been on, to break up the speeches I coordinated a wedding shoe game and by golly the answers had all the guests in stiches of laughter as they also shouted out their answers to each question. Once speeches were completed our newlyweds cut their wedding cake designed and created by Sweet Moments by Design. Then it was all over to the boys from Soho DJs after the romantic first dance closely followed with an emotional father daughter dance they really got the night pumping, the dance floor was never empty and the party continued until it was time for last drinks and our arch way farewell. As Daniel and Rhiannon left the room the night was all but over.

The Wheeler wedding was full of fun, laugher, emotion, heartfelt memories and above all love. We wish the Wheeler’s the most amazing love journey and can’t wait to see where their love story takes them. Thank you for sharing and entrusting us with the most important day of your lives.


Blog 50

17th April 2020

By Louise Manning


 Brogan Wedding

7th March 2020

Best friends in school and now for life.

From the moment Mark and Alison stepped into our office, we could not wait for their wedding to come around. Throughout all of our meetings, Mark had us in stitches with his quick wit! They came to us with a lot of their planning done but in need of some help styling and added support on day.

We knew this was going to be a special wedding when Mark and Alison told us they have known each other for almost their entire lives childhood sweethearts to say the least. Their first memory of their interaction is when Ali tripped in the school yard and Mark ran up to help her to the first aid office. Though Ali sharply responded with “I can do it myself”, Mark didn’t leave her side until he knew she got there okay. Their friendship quickly grew, and they have stayed best friends ever since.

Their wedding chosen venue was the idyllic Starline Alpaca Farmstay! They had amazing line up of suppliers, some of whom were good friends of the couple. Madeleine Styling did the girl’s hair, April Harvey Makeup made the girls look absolutely flawless, Morelife Films and Breathing Light Photography captured all the heartfelt moments of the day, Ashton Blue Creations did an amazing job on the wedding signage, celebrant was the lovely Jules Amidy, The Event Master decking out the venue with their amazing cocktail furniture and Ivy Lane Florist creating the Ali’s ‘perfect arrangements’,  suits were from Rundle Tailoring & bridal gown was from The Bridal Outlet.

We experienced on and off rain all day and waited as long as we could before deciding if we were going to stick with the outdoor ceremony or move it under cover. We were an hour out from expecting guests, and the decision was made to risk the rain! Down by the willowing tree, with a gorgeous floral arrangement, Weddings by Jules held a personal ceremony which truly showed the love Mark and Ali have for each other. Just before they shared their vows, it started sprinkling with rain which proceeded to get heavier. This didn’t phase them at all and stayed in the rain until everything was said and done.

As soon as Mark and Ali were announced as husband and wife, everyone ran up to the hall to be greeted with an amazing grazing board by Get Grazey and on-tap beers provided by Maltnhops and served by Eventfully bar tending. Whilst everyone tucked in, the bridal party went off for photos, popping champagne, going down to the damn and hanging out with the alpacas.

The reception was full of life, laughter and eating the oh-so delicious food made by the Newy Burger Co. and watching Ali get a few runs of cricket in her wedding dress. We took some time for speeches by both dads and Best Man who reflected on their memories with the newlyweds, the Maid of Honour, Sarah, shared hilarious anecdotes from their childhood together, and the man-of-the-hour Mark who praised his friends, family but most importantly his gorgeous bride. The reception was complimented with DJ services from dynamic DJ’s. After speeches the guest all indulged in burgers and chips for dinner which gave everyone the energy to keep partying on until all hours of the night.

We loved working with Mark and Ali! Their calm, friendly nature and pure love they have for each other reminded us why we are so lucky to be in this industry and share our couple’s special life moments. Thank you Mark and Ali for allowing us to be a part of your day, we wish you both continued love and happiness together!



Blog 49

27th March 2020

By Louise Manning


Delahey Wedding

21st February 2020

A destination wedding with all your friends and family? What could be better!

When we received a message from Todd and Hayley to help pull together all their hard work in planning, we were delighted! Based in Melbourne, this gorgeous couple approached us to take away this last stressful bits of planning to ensure their day ran smoothly.

Todd and Hayley pulled together awesome suppliers from the Newcastle / Port Stephens areas as well as bringing up their musician and photographer with them from Melbourne! Makeup by Bonnie-Lee got the girls gorgeous and ready, the ladies at Newcastle Flowers Market styled the ceremony and reception, Vintage Peacock Hire and Newcastle Event Hire provided the ceremony and some reception furniture, Hello Naomi baked the oh-so delicious wedding cake, Crumb made the cookie favours, Tessa Devine performed for the ceremony and during the reception with Dynamic DJs to keep the party going, Victoria Langham hosted a beautiful ceremony and to top it off they had their friend Jacob Heston as their photographer.

Such an amazing group of people brought this day together and amplified the amazing dynamic of guests that Todd and Hayley had surrounding them.

The ceremony took place at picturesque Barry Park in Fingal Bay, which never ceases to amaze with its stunning water views and perfect weather was an added treat! Victoria’s ceremony was heartfelt and truly reflected the love Todd and Hayley have shared for the last 8 years. As Tessa played them into married life together, guests cheered and embraced them.

As the bridal party were taking photos at the Stockton Sand Dunes, guests relaxed and casually made their way to Whitesands for a glass of bubbles before entering the reception. The reception was decked out to seat 110 guests, reusing their gorgeous ceremony arbour as a photo backdrop, places set with place cards and cookies accented with gold vases of flowers and tealights running down the table in front of them.

In between meals and speeches, the dancefloor was filled with all the little guests and the groom busting a move to Tessa’s music.

The parents’ speeches were all coordinated to tell the story of how Todd and Hayley got together. Funny anecdotes of Todd not wanting to take Hayley to her debutante just to be told by his mum “you’re doing it”, to them falling in love and now to their wedding. The love from both families warming and the joy to welcome their new family member officially was a proud moment.

We left before the late-night festivities started but hear they danced the night away and enjoyed having this night with their closest friends and family from around the country in one location, celebrating their love and the next chapter of their love story.

It was an absolute pleasure helping Todd and Hayley in the last stages of planning and wish them both the absolute best in their future together!




Blog 48

12th March 2020

By Louise Manning


Darlington Wedding

10th November 2019

Flying high! From the moment we met Ken and Molly we knew we were going to love planning this wedding. They are the true definition of fun, family happiness and long time lovers.                                                                                       We met some 8 months before their wedding and helped book almost all their suppliers, including this talented line up… The Verandah Restaurant - their venue, Kerryn Lee - makeup, Azure Mysterious - the talent behind the camera, Everlast Video Productions, Jason Thomas - making their marriage official, Belflora - floral arrangements, The Event Master - furniture, Hunter Valley Helicopters, Final Touch Bridal - the gorgeous bridal gown, Mad Cow Entertainment - brought the fun, Michael Hill Jewellers – the rings, Your First Dance Co - dance lessons, Skysight Images - drone photography and of course, Hunter Events NSW as their planner, designer, stylist, coordinator and MC. This awesome group delivered a flawless wedding from head to toe, with absolutely no hiccups along the way. 

The day started very early, since it was a lunch time wedding, and bump in was in full swing as we prepped and styled the venue. Before long, Jason arrived, and we were set for the ceremony amongst the beautiful, full foliage vineyards. The ceremony was beautiful and romantic. It was also entertaining as the gorgeous flower girls weren’t too keen on cooperating fully. I also loved the fact that Molly’s mum organised a sign language interpreter so she could feel engaged in the ceremony and speeches… it was such a beautiful gesture. Before long the ceremony was over and the guests made their way down to the reception in the rustic barrel room.

Meanwhile, the bridal party enjoyed photos in the vines followed by a (surprise to the guests) helicopter joy flight for the couple. We discovered that on his wedding day for the first time ever in his life, Ken would leave the ground. He had never before flown in an aeroplane, hot air balloon or helicopter, and Molly decided that their wedding day was a perfect opportunity - either to give him the fright of his life or an excitement that he had, until now, been missing out on.  Luckily they were in the talented hands of Bob from Hunter Valley Helicopters, and they enjoyed a 10 min flight around the Hunter Valley before landing to make a spectacular entrance at their reception … and Ken loved it!

Before long we were ready to kick off formalities, and as their MC, we organised a few speeches, followed by delicious food, followed by more speeches. The speeches were very moving, and it was clear to us all how loved Ken and Molly are by both families.  After the speeches, Ken and Molly played the wedding shoe game. It was extremely entertaining when they only agreed on an answer to very few of the questions… it was hilarious and we were all intrigued. Next came the first dance. It was flawless, thanks to the teaching skill of Anne from YFDC, and mid song all their guests joined in.  As the major formalities were done there was some expectation that the couple would get on the Mad cow – bucking bull! Now, this isn’t something you see every day… a stunning bride in her beautiful wedding gown, on the back of a bucking bull … it was an entertainment highlight for everyone. Of course, Molly was followed by Ken who gave that mechanical bull a run for its money. Before long, the day’s celebration drew to a close and it was time to say their goodbyes. It was such a beautiful day!

Ken and Molly have since announced they are expecting a baby, and we are so excited for them and the new exciting journey they are about to embark on. It was such an honour to be so involved in this stunning wedding and we couldn’t be happier for Mrs & Mrs Darlington.




Blog 47

2nd March 2020

By Louise Manning


Small Wedding

26th October 2019

It was the perfect home wedding. When I met Jake and Bec early in 2019, they showed me their vision for a relaxed vibe backyard style wedding... and they have no ordinary back yard! They showed us the 'Glenrock Chapel' - a tranquil, bushland setting at the back of their property which they intended to convert into a picturesque ceremony location. We discussed their plans to undergo major outdoor entertainment area renovations and I was stunned, telling them they sure had their work cut out for them! But I knew it would look amazing. Fast forward 6-8 months and what an improvement! The vision for their beautiful backyard wedding was coming together. A huge credit to Jake, Bec and all their support crew for transforming their home and backyard into a perfect wedding venue.

The day finally arrived and their contracted team of professionals including B.Moss & Co Hair, Emma Wakely Makeup Artistry, El Poco Loco – Catering, Eventful Bartending – Beverage service, Stories with Mel - the talent behind the camera, Little Ruby - videographers, The Event Master - furniture, The Hunter Celebrant, Anthony -  making it official, As Sweet as Jasmine - the gorgeous blooms, Howard Shearman Music - turned their wedding into a PAAARRRTTTY, Chloe from The Sunday Pantry-  delivered an amazing grazing table, Hazel from Hazee Bakes - delivered tasty sweet treats and the cake as a dessert buffet, and of course Hunter Events as the wedding coordinators. Jake and the groomsmen were dressed in suits from Peter Jackson, the bridesmaids were in gorgeous sage green dresses from Fame & Partners and Bec's stunning dress was by Eddy K. Jake's wedding ring was from Angus & Coote and Bec's was from American Swisse.

This epic team came together to create the perfect wedding for Bec and Jake. Wild, windy weather tested the stretch tent, the bar and the arbour, but with enough hands on deck during the day, the fort was successfully held down. Bec and Jake enjoyed some private time during their first look session within Glenrock Reserve, and soon it was time for the moment we had all been waiting for - the ceremony!   Bec was nervous, but we were on board to help calm her nerves as her bridesmaids walked down the aisle. They were followed by Bec's brother, the 'man of honour', leading their border collie Banjo, who was shiny and clean and sporting the most handsome custom lead and bow tie that matched the bridesmaids’ dresses (courtesy of The Nomads Dog). 

Anthony delivered one of the best ceremonies I have ever witnessed. It was full of laughter and there wasn't a dry eye in the house! Before long, Mr & Miss became Mr & Mrs. As Bec and Jake walked back down the aisle as husband and wife, eco seed-paper confetti by Paper-Go-Round was tossed into the air and Mel captured the most flawless photos. Family shots and a big group photo were taken before the bridal party left for Glenrock for their special photos.

While they were away the guests enjoyed the delicious treats at the grazing table as the bar opened, the drinks began flowing and Howie played some great tunes. The bridal party returned and the newlyweds were introduced by their groomsman and MC, Adam, who lead them straight into the cutting of the glorious cake which officially opened the dessert bar. We then heard speeches from some VIP’s, many of whom had us in stitches. It was then time for the first dance. Unbeknownst to their guests, Bec and Jake had taken dance lessons with Sophie from First Steps Bridal, and their routine was simply perfect. Following the first dance and some more great party music from duo Howie and Alex, it was time for the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dance. Bec and Jake paired with their parents and danced to a gorgeous sparkler backdrop, their wedding guests holding their hands high as sparks of light flew through the evening air.  The night progressed with what seemed like an endless supply of food, drinks and dessert. Everyone was having such a wonderful time. Bec and Jake are blessed with a beautiful and loving group of friends and family who enjoyed partying together on this special evening. By the time I was leaving, it seemed as though the party was just getting started! Howie and Alex had the dance floor crammed with excited guests, dancing along to many well-known songs.  The party continued into the early hours of the morning, and what better reason than to celebrate the marriage of two gorgeous young lovers.

We were so excited to be part of this wedding. We wish Jake and Bec every ounce of marital bliss, and we can’t wait to see where their life journey takes them.



Blog 46

3rd February 2020

By Louise Manning


Torode Wedding

1st November 2019

Can you help us? We meet the gorgeous Shay around 2-3 weeks out from her wedding contacted us when another stylist had not responded and needed help booking her outside styling items. We said of course we can what’s your budget and what are you after, within two days we had a few quotes for her to consider and make changes too, she came and visited us again and we met Ben for the first time we made the required tweaks to each quote and booked them all in shortly after. We saved the day, worked within budget and Ben and Shay couldn’t be happier their theme was vintage with a modern element and their wedding was set at the stunning Tocal Homestead. We gave advise and suggested she create a run sheet and site plan to ensure no on day confusion. We had the amazing team at Vintage peacock hire them all their furniture and festoon lights, Event Master Hire supplied the lawn games and Bevis your event team provided the stands for the logistical requirements of hanging the festoon lights. We were so grateful to have even the smallest involvement is this wedding to put their stress at ease and bring together their final bookings. We wish Ben and Shay every ounce happiness as they embark on their new journey as Husband and wife. 



Blog 45

17th January 2020

By Louise Manning


McConville Wedding

24th October 2019

Native rustic wine and vineyard themed wedding was what we designed and created for the McConville wedding. The colours were uniquely beautiful and being a mix of Red Grape, Rusty orange and Dusty blue shades. Roisin and Chris engaged our services to design and bring their styling ideas to life. We spent a huge 52 hours creating just the styling on this wedding to bring the theme to life and making endless tweaks along the way to perfect the layout and design. On the day we assisted with the set up and coordination of the ceremony at The Catholic Immaculate Conception Church in Broke. The ceremony was a perfectly balance of religion, warmth and love and the traditional formalities we enjoyed by the guests who were lucky the weather held out every though Rosin was blessed with a drizzle as she was walking into the church. Post wedding the guests created a perfect confetti celebration tunnel supplied by Julie Muir – Confetti, and gosh it was worth it the photos look stunning, in fact this wedding each and every guest was dressed to perfection, post ceremony I packed up all the styling items to upcycle them for the reception a great saving tip here that we recommended to our clients. Beautiful blooms and styling items supplied by Newcastle Flower Markets, Valley Barrell Furniture and cake by Cake Cake baby. Plus an abundance of hand crafted, hand painted and personally designed timber styling items by the groom himself including but not limited to a pallet painted schedule, frames, styling boxes, cake stand, family photos and so much more we’ve never had a couple create so many raw pieces from scratch and it’s safe to say I’m certain Chris is glad the wedding plans and jobs are done we have had several laughs about this along the way. The wedding reception was set under stars beneath the wisteria outside the majestic convent in the Hunter Valley we had a wet weather back up plan but Chris and Roi assured me the traditional Irish way was run with plan A and aren’t they glad we did, the reception was set and we parted ways but was later told the guest had a wonderful night filled with fun and laughter. We loved creating this wedding and designing the look and feel and seeing the theme come to life was a true treat. We wish Chris and Roisin a lifetime of happiness as they embark on their wonderful new Journey as Husband and Wife.

By Louise Manning



Blog 44

3rd January 2020

By Louise Manning


Josh & Jasmine Bobbin

21st October 2019

Let’s do it! You need this celebration! When I meet Jas and Josh back in February 2019, they explained their story to me and I’ve never heard so much pain and suffering from a couple and the fact they supported each other through these bad times was a testament to them both. They hadn’t started on their wedding plans and engaged my services to bring the complete wedding together with them booking a couple of items and we set a date for the 21st of October 2020, sadly throughout our planning Jas Lost her mum who is also her best friend and decided she could get married without her and they suggested it wasn’t the right time and we put the wedding on hold for a few months and see how we felt then, a couple of months later they were still unsure and I felt the raw pain they were both suffering and I suggested that I think you have been through so much that you need something to look forward to, you deserve a celebration and you need it. A few weeks later Josh calls and he said Let’s do it! We are bringing the wedding forward a whole 12 months and lets book / move all our bookings to the 21st of October 2019 leaving us only around 2 months to bring the wedding together and off we set, we booked a new venue at the Central Coast Leagues Club with the DJ mobilistic DJ’s, moved Videography Everlast video productions to the new date along with Ed Taylor our celebrant, we booked Ivy lane florist for styling and flowers and OMG booths for the photo booth, Jas booked her friend Shannon as the photographer, CMP Hair Artistry and the hair and makeup artist, and their friend Jake as the receptions live music, Jojo delivered the goods with the cake and lastly High class Limousines as the stretch Limo. Before we knew it the day had arrived and with a simplistic and simple themed wedding we promptly set up the ceremony and reception and before long guests were arriving. Soon after Jas and her bridal party arrived with a combination of Bridesmaids and Brideman they were looking stunning in all black attire. As Jas approached the ceremony four of the guests began the Haka adding a passionate and uplifting vibe to the ceremony about to happen, Ed delivered the ceremony with pure admiration for the couples love and relationship, recognising several guests who couldn’t be with them but there in spirt.

Once the ceremony was completed the bridal party went off for photos and video footage amongst the surrounding grounds, soon after it was time to kick the night off and food service has already began, the bridal party entered and as their MC I delivered a grand entry for the newlywed. We progressed into a few formalities and began with around 5 speeches filled with tears, stories and happiness, we broke for more food service and followed with again around 4-5 speeches and then progressed into a little fun with cutting the cake then the shoe game interesting many questioned were answered in agreeance which was lovely but equally entertaining and spread laughter amongst their guests, after the shoe game Jas and Josh for the first time had their first dance as Mr & Mrs Bobbin and began to party the night away. Towards the end of the night there were defiantly a few heavy heads and lots of drinks consumed but this wedding was every level of fun, happiness, tears and absolute appreciation for bringing their day together and making it happen. We could be prouder to assist Mr & Mrs Bobbin in making sure they had the special day they truly deserved and wish them every ounce of happiness as they embark on this wonderful new journey and Husband and Wife.

By Louise Manning



Blog 43

20th December 2019

By Louise Manning


Scott & Jaimie Lawrence 

12th October 2019

When the weather reports threaten rain, but we go with Plan A anyway! The gorgeous Jamie and Scott engaged our services mid planning seeking some help with styling and on day management with all their majors already booked in including the venue Chateau Elan, Hair Hair by Liss Dominish, Makeup by Kiss n Makeup, photos by the talented ladies at Popcorn photography, Matthew from Design Patrol, Jaimie’s great aunt was appointed the celebrant, Band was locked in with Luke Zanc Trio, cake was delish from Project Cakes, Fireworks were booked with Ka-Boom and it was mostly styling left and on day logistics and planning to bring this huge and WOW wedding together. We designed the theme as a Modern geometric featuring blush, ivory and peach colours and hints of marble, we then contract Newcastle Flower markets to provide the florals and styling items, Love Glows to bring the very popular LOVE light up letters and Sajaro delivered the goods with flawless invites, and the complete on day stationary and the guests personalised marble tiles as place cards and favours. For added entertainment we also contracted in The Photo Booth-Less. After lots of back and forth perfecting the design, the layout and the run sheet the big day finally arrived and with heavy clouds lingering and the massive risk of down pour (mostly in the morning) we decided to run with Plan A and stick with our original layout and schedule and hope for the best and didn’t this return the good tenfold. We were blessed with light morning sprinkles of rain, it’s good luck on your wedding day to get a little rain anyway right! Well before we knew it the reception room was in full production of a classy setup and before long we shifted over to the Chapel to set this space for our wedding ceremony, with the drizzle increasing we had our fingers and toes crossed for no rain during and in between our ceremony and reception. The Ceremony was well delivered by Francine and it had a perfect balance of humour, romance and personality. Afterwards the bridal party headed off for group photos and we continued to style the reception room, before we knew it, it was time to greet out guests and have them settle into reception and find their tables The night kicked off with Trent a friend as their MC who had the jokes flying all night and the guests in stitches, the bridal party was introduced in grand style and danced their way into the reception after practicing in the side room for some 30 min prior. Entrée were soon served, and the photo booth was open for business, shortly after entrée we began with a few speeches and progressed into main meals followed again by more speeches, soon after we ushered guest outside for the couple’s cake cutting and just as Scott and Jaimie cut the cake an absolutely stunning array of fireworks filled the night sky for some 7minutes entertainment, this such a WOW moment of excitement, joy, romance and pure satisfaction from each of the guests and before long the beautiful display was complete we unshed the guests back into the reception room for the first dance, after completing a half choreographed first dance the bridal party and guests were asked to join in when I quote “it gets awkward”. Before long the dance floor was full while The Luke Zanc Trio belted out the tunes. This wedding was a perfect combination of fun, romance, and a true celebration of love. We were so honoured to be a part of such a wonderful day and we wish Mr & Mrs Lawrence a lifetime of love and happiness as they embark on their new journey through life as Husband and Wife.

By Louise Manning012



Blog 42

3rd December 2010

By Louise Manning


Jony and Loz Jones 

28th September 2019

A party of three! When we first met Jony and Loz at a wedding expo and we spoke about their wedding plans for March 2020, however when we met for our first consultation in July we learnt that Jony and Loz had recently become a party of three, yep they had and still have a bub on board and announced they like to bring their wedding forward to the 28th September 2019 some 10-11 weeks to plan their entire wedding. They have pencilled in a venue at Ryges Newcastle and not much else. We indicated that providing they make quick decisions and promptly we can definitely pull together their wedding for them. Within a day or 2 it was all systems go and within the first week or two we had finalised the venue booking, they finalised their interest and booked their friends photographer Ruby and Lace and celebrant Terri Waite, they booked a local hair and make up team Enigma Hair and Body, we booked out DJ from Dynamic DJ’s, the photobooth from Photo Boothless and florist and styling good from Ivy lane they also secured their friend to create the wedding cake. With everything so promptly booked in we fast-tracked invites form Sajaro and got them out. Before we knew it, the big day arrived, on arrival I bumped into Jony and went to visit Loz, she was needing some help with the final touches and shortly after Rochelle from Ivy Lane delivered her gorgeous blooms. Shortly after Rochelle, Cass, SJ & I began setting the wedding reception with the venue staff, the styling theme was modern minimalistic with mostly greenery and touches of white blooms, it was perfectly simple and a welcome delight, meanwhile Jony and Loz were getting photographed as their first look, quick enough the room was set and it was time for our ceremony and guests were beginning to arrive, as they were probably one of my favourite parts was Loz looking down from her room at the ceremony and waving to her guest and her Groom to be. The ceremony see a beautiful level of romance fun and personality, after a few group photos our couple went off for some more bridal photos and the guest enjoyed drink and canapes before long the night was ready to begin as there MC we enjoyed a warm and yet exciting welcome their guest were definitely ready to party, we kicked off with a welcome prayer from jony Dad, followed by entrée, then the couples speech this was the golden moment, at this point none of the guest maybe one knew Jony and Loz were expecting I briefed the photographers as I knew the guests needed to be captured also. As Jony and Loz progressed through their speech they finally come to the accountment that they are expecting and once announced their guest went absolutely crazy in pure joy and excitement, it was so beautiful to witness the happiness in the room, this bub is so well loved and nowhere near ready to enter the word yet. The night continued with the couple’s first dance choreographed by Your first dance co and it was simply beautiful, halfway through the rest of the guests joined in and partied the night away. The wedding was completely flawless and came together with such little notice and without a hitch. We were so excited to be involved with the Jones wedding and wish them a lifetime of endless happiness.

By Louise Manning



Blog 41

15th November 2019

Guest Blog

By Alex From Photo Booth Rental Melbourne


Top Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner 

Why Hire a Wedding Planner? 

Many couples find themselves in limbo, trying to figure out whether or not they should hire a wedding planner. This is no surprise since hiring one would mean additional charges - and it is not cheap. Most planners in Australia charge around $2,000 to $4,000. And, if you are trying to plan your wedding on a budget, this additional charge may seem too heavy. 

But, have you ever thought why couples still get the services of a wedding event planner even if their rates are not exactly affordable? Why is it that anyone who has hired a wedding planner says that they are worth every cent? What does a wedding planner do that makes them such a wedding necessity?

Well, a lot. 

Wedding planners are responsible for putting together all the elements you need to make your wedding dreams come true. She will cover everything from the moment you start planning, the big day itself, and sometimes even until you leave for your honeymoon. This will certainly come in handy for any couple who has to juggle their time for each other, their jobs, families, and social relationships. And, if you are not the organizing type, then a wedding planner is certainly what you need.  

Now, if you are still unsure about hiring a wedding planner, here is a list of the top reasons why you should.

Top Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

1. You can save money. Is your budget the main reason you are not sure about hiring a wedding planner? Then, now there’s no need to worry. Planners usually transact with the same people every time they are tapped to do a wedding. And, along with this repeat transactions are discounts that you can enjoy. Not only will this save you money but it will also save you a significant amount of time as well since you don’t need to do extensive research to find the right photo booth supplier, goods hire & other vendors!

2. For instance, if you don’t have a photographer yet, your planner can refer you to one. Someone she knows who can handle your wedding better than anyone else. And, because they are familiar with each other, it will be easier for her to negotiate in your place and get you a lower price. Or, she can score you extras that you otherwise will need to pay for. Plus, you can ensure that you will only have a reliable professional by your side comes the wedding day since they have worked together before. Also, a wedding planner will help you get your money’s worth and she will help you stretch your budget to more important things. With her help, you can determine which details make more impact and which you can cut off. So, you don’t have to pay for things that you don’t need.

3. You can relax and enjoy your engagement. Planning a wedding can be very stressful. But, you don’t have to bear with that kind of frustration and you can simply let someone else handle the planning for you. From choosing your decors to meeting and booking vendors, a wedding planner can stand in your place. So, you and your partner can have all the time to enjoy your engagement and have fun attending wedding showers and parties. And, you can both show up on your wedding day relaxed and stress-free… just as you should be!

4. You don’t have to worry about anything during your big day. Weddings are unpredictable and even when you have planned yours for a year, there’s just no saying what will happen during the big day itself. So, it helps to have someone - who knows what she is doing - there and ready for anything. 

5. A planner will take control of everything at your wedding, from decors, communicating with your vendors, and what needs to be done at the venue. With her around, you can ensure that everything will run smoothly and that issues will be taken care of. So, all you have to do is look pretty or dashing, say “I do”, and seal your marriage with a kiss!

Achieving the Wedding of your Dreams

With the help of a wedding planner, achieving the wedding you have always envisioned will be easier and more attainable. And, this is because a wedding planner will focus just on you and your big day, unlike other vendors who have to cater to several weddings every day. Once you hire the services of a wedding planner, she will ensure everything is according to your vision, taste, and your expectations. 

Guest Blog By Alex

From Photo Booth Melbourne 


Blog 40

1st November 2019

By Louise Manning 

Dan & Christine Suckling

17th August 2019

The Day I met Dan & Chris I knew we’d get along so well I had so much fun working with such a beautiful couple it’s an honour to share their wedding story, we met around October 2018 at a wedding expo. I remember both Chris and I had the same earrings and most of our planning journey every time we met; we were both still wearing the same set of earrings; it’s the little things that matter of course. From the moment we met I could feel Chris and Dan needed a helping hand, some support, guidance and advise and shortly after our first consultation it was all systems go to create a dusty blue rustic inspired wedding. Their venue at the majestic Peppers Creek Barrel Room and Chapel was already booked in but we made a few tweaks and adjustments to their booking, the couple had also decided on a Sydney based photographer and we loved working with the team from Celebrate Photography, we locked in our photographer along with all our other major suppliers including Jason Thomas Celebrant, Hunter Valley Video, Newcastle Flower Market for Florals and Styling supplies, Two play strings for ceremony music, Mark Wells Trio as our reception entertainment, Cake by dragonfly cakes and Bombonerri by Cupcake Espresso, the months of planning and tweaking our styling and bookings were over in a flash and the big day awaits us. The morning of the wedding the ladies were up early with Hair and Makeup at Crown Plaza’s Ubika spa as they beautified themselves, whilst the boys enjoyed a game of golf. They all headed back to their Accommodation at Peppers Creek to get dressed our bridesmaids were dressed by Oleg Cassini, Chris’s stunning gown from Maison Mangala and the boys looking smart all thanks to Rambrandt; at this point Ronaldo was on site and in action capturing those magical moments as the girls and boys added their final touches and attire. As time progressed the wedding reception was in full set up production with Hunter Events NSW staff, and Emmah from NFM plus added help from the lovely venue staff, I attended to our boys and directed them to head up to our ceremony and sadly our dear groom, Dan, had developed a bleeding nose, thankfully we had 30min till the ceremony and had time to get this at bay the beautiful Chris being none the wiser. As Dan worked on himself with the added assistance of ice and tissues he finally got it under control I give him HUGE credit for not getting a spec of blood on his perfect attire, and he was able to join his guests in awaiting his bride at the end of aisle. The girls were ready and Renato captured the last couple of pre-wedding photos and we were lined and ready for our grand entry and Cory from HHV was armed and ready to begin capturing the video footage, at this point the cutest ever sweet little flower girl joined her mum as part of the bridal party and one by one each stunning bridesmaid made their grand entrance. Jason performed a beautiful ceremony with added Hand Tying ritual, and they sealed their marriage with the exchange of wedding rings by Tiffany and Co, beautifully fitting symphony from Two play strings added to the ambiance of this romantic ceremony. During the ceremony a gentle gust of wind lifted Chris’s veil at the pinnacle moment in the ceremony and was later determined in speeches that this was Chris’ late fathers’ way of not missing her daughter’s wedding and being included in her beautiful day. Post ceremony we gathered the guest for a massive group photo and the bridal party progressed to capture many more stunning photos and footage to create those priceless memories and the final touches were added to the reception, the cake, tables and styling the candles were lit and the bridal party had their first look at the styled barrel room and they were in awe after seeing all our work and planning completely come to life. At this point Mark and his trio were setting up their equipment the guests began to return for drinks and canapes while our bridal party attended to their accommodation to freshen up and enjoyed some much-needed canapes also. We were lucky enough to taste a couple of canapes and by golly they were tasty by the talented team at Wine Country Catering. As we opened the grand elephant doors of the Barrel Room, our guests settled in and began finding their places and warming up from the outside chill, with the grand fireplace lit and crackling the room was perfectly comfortable. As the weddings MC it felt like the night was over before it began. I formally introduced our bridal party and our guest enjoyed some light music and their entrees shortly after entrees our guests MC Max introduced our first three speeches and Dominique, Sal & Mark, with heart felt emotion and equally entertaining you could feel the love in the room from near and far, we progressed in to mains being served and our guest were treated with an alternate choice of a gourmet chicken or beef course and guests were well and truly satisfied, as was I. Next up was my MC address and I shared a few words about Dan & Chris, their journey and what now as they embark on life as a married couple. This led me to introduce Dan the man of the hour and he delivered a very touching and heartfelt speech and one part that hit home for me was the news he best man Mark travelled from Singapore while his father is currently batting terminal cancer and his wife expecting their first baby, you could see the raw authentic emotions from grown man and for Dan to have his presence on his wedding day you could clearly see and feel this meant the world to Dan, this proves true solid and an unbreakable friendship. Of course, Dan never failed to compliment and express his love for his stunning wife and there is absolutely no doubt this marriage is destined for a long long journey. Dan then for the last time had the upper hand and led his beautiful wife to the cutting of the cake with more cheers it progressed to our couples first dance as they beautifully enjoyed their first dance soon after the rest of the bridal party joined in and we followed this with the garter and bouquet toss once all formalities were completed it was time to party and the Mark Wells Trio got the green light to ramp up the volume and gosh they were entertaining in due time the night was sadly drawn to an end and guests all left as did we, I believe however the bridal party kicked on for a few more hours and why not, you only get married once. Dan & Chris are perfect for one another and a blessed with a beautiful group of amazing friends and family to support and guide them through their married life and we can’t wish them well enough for the further that lies ahead of them it was such an honour to plan, style, design, create, produce, coordinate and MC for Mr & Mrs Suckling.

By Louise Manning 



Blog 39 

17th October 2019

By Louise Manning 


Jordy & Jenna Phipps 

20th April 2019

The lovely Jenna and & Jordy met us in January with Jenna’s super Mum Sarah, at this stage most there wedding had already been planned as a complete BYO wedding, yep when you hire a venue that doesn’t offer event space you create it, you bring in the marquee, toilets, kitchen etc… to bring the wedding together from top to toe. We were engaged to handle the on-day logistics and final planning touches, and we were ecstatic to hear that the Phipps to be had also engaged a lot of suppliers we already knew to create a masterpiece like no other. To kick off the festival long awesome party of a wedding the team at Prestige Event Hire set up a Marquee like no other with timber floors and see through curtain walls this set an empty canvas for a classic vintage themed wedding at the picturesque Vinden Estate. The celling styling consisted of lush hanging greenery arrangements, with woven fairy lights and hanging chandeliers.

Stunning timber tables and walnut bentwood chairs also from Prestige Event Hire, set the room with an eclectic array of vintage style vases & jars, mixed with various styles of candelabras and votives. The reception setting was finished with and amazing live green wall behind the bridal table. To set the mood, the bridal backdrop was complimented with blue up lights and fairy lights. The to die for florals were provided by Yeng Tan Floral design and were arranged by the lovely mum Sarah, Yeng, the Vintage Estate staff and Hunter Events NSW staff.

As we added the final touches to the already mostly set up ceremony area consisting of timber benches, wine barrels, floral arrangements and round arbour nestled perfectly in a clear area amongst the vineyards, The Boys Studio were working there talented magic on hair and makeup for the huge 7 pax bridal party plus the bride and of course mum, there works was absolutely flawless the girls were stunning as time progressed our Videographer Lucio Tagliani and Photographer Gary Patterson were hard at work capturing every memory possible. Soon our grooms party arrived in style with a stretch limo looking ever so smart, as they welcomed and greeted guests making their way to the ceremony the girls were getting dressed and ready to make their grand entrance. The fine group of guests found a place to sit or stand and thoroughly engaged in the pre ceremony introduction from Jacqui Petterson The Champagne Celebrant, what fun she is. Soon after our bride tribe arrived into our ceremony one by one, along with mum Sarah and of course the couples fur babies followed by out stunning bride lead down the aisle but her proud father. After the beautiful ceremony with lovely music by Duan Kaka was completed the guest headed back to the venue’s café and enjoyed some light nibbles and more music to set the vibe for was set to be an awesome party. The very final touches were completed to the table setting and some 200 odd guests began to find their places at their tables, as everyone found their comfort Saxon a friend of the Groom and Groomsman began his MC address got through some formalities and introduced our bridal party followed by our beautiful newlyweds Mr & Mrs Phipps the freshly warmed and rolled hand towels were crowd pleaser and soon after entrees were served by the talented team at Eden Catering and of course beverages were flowing room round, from the onset you could tell this wedding was going to be one hell of party the crowd was so lively, engaged and excited it was very hard to keep them in their seats, not to mention the tunes by Jordan Smalls as our evening’s DJ also a guest was sounding pretty dam good so I don’t blame them, we progressed into our first lot of speeches with many laughs and tears as two families welcomed the other it was delivered with such sincerity. One that resonated with me most was Saxon’s speech it was heartfelt and emotional, shortly after mains were served a few final speeches were completed the raw emotions were beautiful as a few more spoke you could hear, feel an sense the love was true and real between Jordy and Jenna. Final speeches were followed with the cutting of the cake and the magical first dance, super romantic in such a blissful setting. Soon after the bridal party joined in and then so did the rest of the guests and at this point it was defiantly time for Jordan to shine and did, he ever. The dance floor was full the rest of the night as guest partied and partied and partied the night away. Towards the end of the night the reliable team at Hunter Valley Private tours began transfers of guest back to their accommodation for a solid few hours. We had finished up around this time, but I hear the party keep going on into the early hours of the morning and of course a recovery brunch on the Sunday was required for any lingering or staying guests. A simply stunning wedding we’d all love to relive however thoroughly enjoyed but sadly all over far too soon.

By Louise Manning 


Blog 38

3rd October 2019

By Louise Manning 


10 Year Anniversary Manning Vow Renewal

29th August 2019

When we decided to celebrate a millstone of our own, we procrastinated for days, weeks in fact! Where? (that was a tough decision), who are we inviting? Budget? 2nd honeymoon? Just our kids only or full family and friend’s celebration of 50-80 pax? what date? Our actual anniversary or the coming Saturday? After much deliberation, discussions and indecisive opinions we finally opted for an elopement on our actual anniversary being a Thursday it was too much to ask family and friends for time off work with just 2 weeks’ notice so we decided, an elopement was the way to go. A venue I visited earlier this year that I immediately feel in love with was the stunning Spicers Guest House in the picturesque Hunter Valley, the grounds are flawless the buildings recently renovated without and expense spared and majestic backdrop was simply amazing, Spicers happy agreed to be our host venue for our ceremony and sweet little elopement for just our immediate family. We could go past the talented Jen from Jennifer Burch Photography, who captured our story and celebration of 10 years of marriage and 13 years of love, the ceremony was created, personalised and delivered flawlessly by the lovely Steph from Sealed By Steph, my favourite oriental lilies and beautiful blooms were constructed by Rachelle at Ivy Lane Florist of course planned and coordinated by Hunter Events NSW. Making me look the part was Alicia’s Personal Hair design who styled my hair it stayed for days, flawless Makeup by Steff Matheson and dressed by Portmans. Our ceremony was beautifully sweet, equally funny and emotional with many tears between us. Our boys at the time 7, 5 & 3 had little to no interest in our ceremony and spent most the time digging and play around typical boys (your see this from the photos in our gallery), our oldest Eva however loved every moment and thoroughly enjoyed being a flower girl for the first time ever. We decided to not do the traditional ring ceremony and went with a wine letter and love box, inside we packaged our favourite wine, our vow cards and our renewal certificate sealed with a ribbon to open and re-experience our love and of course drink the wine on our 11th Anniversary. Our ceremony was quickly over we explored the grounds and got a few more family photos in different locations and I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to get a photo with the infamous kangaroo statues and we completed our morning celebration with deliciously divine breakfast served by the team at Spicers Guest House. A perfectly affordable elopement and everything we wished for all went seamlessly to plan and we loved every moment. This could have easily been a wedding in fact we were congratulated by numerous passers assuming we were newly wed’s. On another note we have some what set a trend for more couples to reignite their love, celebrate their relations and organise a renewal ceremony of their own. (see more images via our Gallery page)

By Louise Manning


Blog 37

19th September 2019

By Alex Morrison  

7 Mistakes Couples Make That

Can Ruin Their Wedding Budget 

Introducing our Second Guest Blog by Alex Morrison:

Congratulations! You’re getting married and you couldn’t be happier. It’s the day you’ve been waiting for practically all your life. You simply can’t wait to start planning your wedding with your significant other. Before you go overboard though, there’s one important factor not to overlook – your budget. 

A large part of any wedding involves budgeting. In fact, it will affect every decision you make from the venue you choose all the way down to the vendors you work with. It’s all too easy for costs to spiral out of control if you don’t keep a close eye on your spending. The good news is you can avoid some of the most common budgeting pitfalls with our help.

Here we’ll look at common mistakes that many couples make with their wedding budget.

Not Doing Your Research

There’s nothing wrong with creating estimates. It gives you a better idea of what to expect and how much to allocate. But creating estimates without doing proper research can lead you to greatly underestimate the actual costs involved. Instead, contact multiple venues and vendors to come up with more accurate quotes.

Not Tracking Expenses

It’s important to establish a clear system for tracking your expenses even if it’s jotting them down in a notebook or an Excel spreadsheet. There are also a number of mobile apps you can download that allow you to instantly track wedding costs. That way you have a much clearer picture of exactly how much you’re spending on the wedding. 

Choosing the First Vendor

Weddings are a huge source of revenue for many vendors. Some may try to get you to sign an agreement the same day to lock you into a contract. Never commit to the first vendor you get in touch with even if you think you’re getting a good deal. If a vendor is rather aggressive in getting you to sign a contract, it’s best to move on.

Not Accounting for Miscellaneous Expenses

Even once you finalise prices with your vendors, there will likely be other costs involved. Some examples might include cleaning fees or additional prints. An additional $10 here and there may not seem like much. But these expenses can really add up. Set aside at least 5% of your budget for miscellaneous expenses to allow some breathing room. Investing in a high interest online savings account can help you reach your savings budget sooner and allow you a little more legroom to pay for any added or extra expenses.

Not Prioritising

Prioritising items on a budget is incredibly important. That way you can allocate more funds for the things that matter most to you instead of having to make sacrifices at a later stage. Sit down with your partner and make a list of the top priorities. Then you’ll be in a better position to make key decisions when it comes to deciding on which vendors you can splurge on and which ones you can potentially cut out.

Not Controlling the Guest List

In a perfect world, all your friends, family, and acquaintances would attend your wedding. Unfortunately, the number of guests that attend will have a significant impact on your budget. Make sure to finalise your guest list as early as possible. Don’t be afraid to limit plus one invites either as extending that option to everyone may not be financially feasible.

Making Impulse Decisions

It happens to all of us – you see something that you just have to have. No exceptions. So you end up buying it right there without hesitation. No matter how seemingly minor an expense is, take a moment to consider whether it’s a meaningful purchase and if it’s something you actually need. Bring in your partner to discuss the purchase before you make a final decision.

Sticking to a budget can be hard. You probably want to spare no expenses but the last thing you want is to start off the marriage in deep financial debt. Watching out for common pitfalls as described here can help keep you within your budget and still have a blast on your big day.

Author’s Bio 

Alex Morrison has worked with a range of businesses giving him an in depth understanding of many different industries including carpet cleaning, financial support and health care. As the owner of Integral Media, he is now utilising his knowledge and experience with his rapidly increasing client portfolio to help them achieve their business goals.



Blog 36

5th September 2019

By Bronte Price & Shantanu

10 creative ideas for a DIY wedding 

Introducing out first Guest Blog By Bronte Price:

Weddings are such beautiful and memorable celebrations; they are gorgeous in multiple ways. And why wouldn’t they be? It’s the day when two adults who have been through a lot together, decide to officiate their relationship in front of others. This celebration of love calls for a lot of extravaganzas, be it in terms of emotions, food, flowers or even the dressing. Couples try their best to include all the best elements in this big day of their own.

Every wedding is different from the other; the reason is the story of the couple involved in it. Some weddings could be traditional, some same-sex, some budget-friendly, while some others are very flashy. This also depends on the preferences and budget of the couple. All this while, the couple also tries their best to plan their wedding in such a way that it goes with their personalities. No couple wants their wedding to be exactly like someone else’s. This is why personalizing weddings is crucial in today’s date.

However, personalizing comes at a cost. One can either choose to spend a good amount of money and outsource the work or do the job themselves and save money. Not many millennial couples have the budget or the willingness to spend a lot of money on customizing it. This doesn’t necessarily mean that one has to sacrifice on this aspect. On could always choose to do DIY customizations to add their personal touch without burning a hole in their pockets. Thanks to online platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, it isn’t tough to get wedding inspirations in a jiffy anymore.

Here are 10 creative ideas for a DIY wedding:
1.      Including a lot of green and floral into your summer wedding:

One could include a green wreath and flower centrepieces in their wedding décor. The handmade bouquets will give a very rustic and raw look to the whole setting. This works best for couples who are looking at having foliage and flowers, without spending too much on that specific element. All you would need is some wire that your shape according to your preference and then go ahead and cover it with the foliage of your choice. You can also include little flowers to add colour to it.

2.      Fun with the not-so-expensive balloons:

Balloons are the quintessential element for all celebrations, aren’t they? This is probably because they are so effortless and cheap. Interesting it adds colour and also takes up a lot of void in the room. However, did it occur to you that it’s possible to do much more with balloons? They can become fun and quirky when added with a few altercations. Adding trailing garlands to oversized balloons. You can also choose to add tassels to the balloon or for that matter colourful ribbons too.

3.      Funky Napkins:

Napkins are a small yet essential part of all weddings. They don’t have to be boring and bland in nude colours. You can choose to dye them with the colour of your choice. This could be something that goes with your wedding theme. This will add a pop of colour to your table setting. All you have to do is order white napkins in bulk; they come really cheap. And then you can dip-dye as per your preferences. They don’t have to be all identical.

4.      Place cards:

You can choose to make funky place cards using natural leaves, fathers or just a piece of starched cloth. For example, Mongolia leaves make for an excellent base for a place card. They give the perfect earthy touch and have curved shape making it easier to write.

5.      A mirror or a painting Signage:

The last wedding, I had attended had a beautifully decorated tropical signage made on a piece of mirror. It loved really beautiful and was sourced from a second-hand store. It’s wonderful how much you can experiment. You can also encourage your family members to leave their coloured handprints on your signage to make it colourful. Be careful to not make it messy though.

6.      A wooden framed seating chart:

The seating chart has to be large and readable because people are actually going to make use of it. You can make use of pieces of sturdy twigs or wood and a surface, to make funky signage of your own. You can also make use of two copper pipes and a sheet of paper to make signage. For making them stand, you can use buckets of gravel or a bucket full of sand and seashells.

7.      Lacey and fabric-based table runners:

Table runners can make or break the setting: well, mostly because they take up so much eye space at any wedding. You don’t have to play safe, experiment with handprints to add contrast to your table runners. You can also choose to add lace details to add a more elegant touch to your setting.

8.      Ribbon and stationary details:

There’s something about ribbons and laces that make everything look better. Be it your wedding dress or your table runners. You can also choose to add life to the dullest of elements in a wedding and add a smooth ribbon to it. You can add these to your ceremony programs, to your invites an also your menus. Keep the colour tone in mind and also learn how to make the perfect loose knot.

9.      Make a flower bouquet that stays forever:

The flower bouquet holds a lot of value on every bride's wedding day. It has to be beautiful but not necessarily natural. You can choose to make them out of paper and use a few dry twigs and foliage to complete the whole look. This will look fresher and different.

10.  Make candle holders out of toilet rolls or old cans:

Candles add an element of mystery to any wedding while also making it calmer. Make use of old glass jars that can be procured online or from thrift stores. The possibilities are endless. One can choose to use sand or grain to add at the base of the glass.

Author Bio: Shantanu works as inbound content marketer at GayCelebrant.Melbourne & has helped develop it to cater to the LGBTIQ Wedding industry since 2018. He has closely worked with Bronte Price to learn the traits of the Australian wedding industry and loves to share his acute observations through blogging, weaving them into a brand story. He also loves to cook, trek, travel, dance and claims to have found his "why" in helping small business owners bloom into established brands.


Blog 35

23rd August 2019


Griffin Wedding -

14th June 2019

We had the pleasure of creating the Griffin Wedding from the very beginning and so many amazing suppliers and vendors were involved, the wedding and ceremony took place at Mulla Villa at Wollombi, a beautiful picturesque backdrop with a complete rustic reception barn style venue,  we couldn’t have been blessed with better weather for this lovely wedding, earlier on in the day Glamp Inn the Hunter created a beautiful chill zone, that was a hit with the guest and made a lovely setting for a few romantic photos of our Bride Naomi and Groom Andrew when they managed to escape and get a few quite moments in-between formalities, photography captured by Simon from NT Photography, video by Peter at Everlast Video Productions. The wedding styling was set beautifully but the MOB Pricilla the day before and our team added the final touches. Shortly after Andrew and his boys arrived beer in hand ready for a party, Sweet Andrew had a few nerves and was eagerly awaiting his bride, as Helen Hising our lovely celebrant began on the ceremony and doing what she does best she entertained the crowd while we awaited Naomi’s arrival, and we waited and we waited unable to reach Naomi or the tribe due to no cell service Andrew thought he had a few minutes and rushed to the toilet, the minute he shut the door the classy Kombi from Krusin’ Kombis pulled into the drive and a few swear words were thrown by the Best man as we hurried Andrew along to get back to the ceremony we could not allow an impromptu first look. Naomi sure knows how to keep andrew on his toes. Naomi and tribe with simply beautiful Hair completed by Go Go Glam and Make up By Eye Do Lashes, stunning bouquets by The Wilde Posey Co. We progressed though the ceremony without a hitch, even the beautiful flower girls played their role seamlessly. After what seamed like hundreds of Family and friends photos, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get some priceless photos with the Alpacas on the Mulla Villa Farm what a treat they were to work with. I even managed to snag a selfie with one of the gorgeous creatures, and they couldn’t have been more well behaved for Andrew, Naomi and their tribe thanks Sara for allowing us to share your fur babies. While the guests enjoyed an inviting grazing spread by the team at Hunter Belle Cheese and endless tunes by Dan Runchel music the bridal party, Simon and Peter went off on a quick adventure to get a few more stunning shots and shortly returned to kick of our reception.

What night as the MC for wedding I couldn’t have had more fun, the speeches were a perfect combination of heartfelt, funny and emotional and the room defiantly felt the love Andrew and Naomi have for one another, in the lead up to Griffin wedding I had the pleasure of working closely with Both mums Pricilla and Leisa and this mad the evening just that little more special, meeting and speaking with many of their guest through out the evening just showed what lovely families and friends they each have. The guests were not disappointed with the flawless catering of Entrée, Mains and desserts by the team at MCM catering and added to the dessert was a very tasty chocolate and vanilla mud cake by Bec Cakes.

The evening progressed into more fun festivities with the wedding shoe game lots of laughs and surprises with this one also the garter and bouquet toss. The dancing was next level almost all-night Mick from Hunter Valley Wedding Entertainment handled the DJ responsibility like a boss. One of the biggest hits of the day was probably the photobooth Kim from photoboothless was kept busy all night long as was the team from Williams & Co service endless drinks all night long. What a party and a brilliant wedding all ended far too as Andrew and Naomi progressed though a arch of Family and friends to arrive at the doors to Hunter Wine tours to transfer them back to their accommodation. So many vendors so much fun and wedding done well. We wish Andrew and Nomi a lifetime of happiness and joy as they continue their journey as Husband and Wife & Mr & Mrs Griffin. Thank you for entrusting us with the most important day of your life.

By Louise Manning


Blog 34

9th August 3019

Vella Wedding -

4th May 2019

I met the lovely Sammy around halfway through her wedding planning and she needed a little help and guidance with stying a few final bookings plus the on-day coordination. So, our journey began, she had a vison and we created a native dusty blue beach themed mood board and went to work to bring her vision to life. She loved the look and feel we created and our ceremony and venue inspection proved an absolute treat when the ceremony location at Barry Park Fingle Bay was breathtakingly beautiful at this meeting I also got to meet Mitch the groom to be, from that moment I realised how beautifully loved up this couple were, Mitch looks at Sammy like he’s won the lotto he is in absolute and complete awe of her and the feels were defiantly replicated from Sammy as we excitedly progress through the styling stage of our wedding planning. This left me awaiting their wedding day with such enthusiasm. The day arrived and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect and were all super relived that we could stick with our great weather option as the skies cleared around mid-day and just in the perfect timing. As the ceremony set up began with Ivy Lane Florist, and Vintage Peacock Hire plus my team the wedding took shape beautifully and the guests Mitch and his men began to arrive! It was real, it was happening, the beautiful Sammy and her tribe arrived in style by Hunter Valley Private Tours, and Belinda Stenhouse delivered a beautiful ceremony photographed by Love Tales by Rachel and videoed by Andrew from Good Fella Films. The ceremony was flawlessly completed and off to the reception at Little beach Boat house Port Stephens we went, where we created a cheese tower goods supplied by the team Hunter Belle Cheese, and lightly decorated the venue with an array of beach and native themed styling.  We had Dan Runchel blast and entertain the guests all night and OMG Booths adding to the fun, but nothing tops Mitch’s self-made entertainment as he gave Sammy lap dance to the tunes of Pony by Ginwuwine this has absolutely everyone in stitches from laughing so god dam hard nothing beats a couple that know how to party. I honesty felt like part of the family, Sammy and Mitch are so in love and this shined bright on their wedding night they are blessed with so many wonderful friendly and fun, family and friends that just showed endless support and happiness for this beautiful couple. We wish the complete world of luck and happiness to Mitch and Sammy it was such a delight working with you both to create your beautiful day.

By Louise Manning 

Blog 33

24th July 2019

Top 5 wedding Trends of 2019

Trend 5 – Food service at weddings

Following on from our last blog we are also noticing a huge shift with the catering for each weeding, previously almost each and every wedding would consist of 2-3 course meal with canapes on arrival, now our guest are constantly seeking a casual relaxed and interactive vibe for their food services, we find our couple are seeking food service like shared platters, grazing stations for both starters and mains, complete canape service starting with canapes then progressing to substantial canapes and then sweet canapes, the likes of pizza and even burgers are super popular and why not, if your personality suits a relaxed style reception then don’t feel uncomfortable with a 3-5 course formal affair, often the more interactive your food service is creates an all-round better event for you and you’re your guests to mingle with everyone not the 10 or so at their table. Select the food service that suits you and your crowd. Generally, these type of interactive food services are often way cheaper than the formal affair sit done alternative drop food service. Just also make sure you have enough food for everyone and allow a children’s meal for the little ones too. At so many wedding the wedding cake doesn’t even get eaten let or loan supplied desserts, if you have a more relaxed event defiantly consider serving the cake on platters for dessert and don’t waste you hard earned dollars on desserts (unless you have a sweet tooth of course). But why waste a perfectly good cake? On more formal event have it plated with cream and coli, whichever way you decide to cater your wedding just make it about you and your personality and what you prefer.  

By Louise Manning

Blog 32

10th July 2019

Top 5 wedding Trends of 2019

Trend 4 – Minimalistic Weddings

Oh don’t we love minimalistic weddings an active trend many of our couples are envisioning for us to bring to life. Simple and minimalistic weddings for many reasons are becoming more popular firstly costs, the less you have in the way of styling the less your wedding will cost, secondly sometimes the saying goes less is more is absolutely correct. Depending on your vison and style rather then spending thousands and thousands on endless flowers and vases, candles, votives, stationery and favours consider a simple single small vase with small posy of flowers or a simple greenery runner the likes of gum tree leaved branches are becoming more popular, or a mason jar filled with battery operated copper line of fairy lights. Rather than having detailed and crafty invites consider simple card with simple font and simple envelope again saving costs, for your ceremony consider a simple corner of florals, or native branches, drop the aisle stying for natural confetti or rose petals to create your runway, so simple yet so beautiful. The beauty of minimalistic can also mean complete simplicity and clean look, avoid your styling overpowering each element and focus on the main feature, avoid the busy look and create a clean and inviting look. Need some help and guidance with your minimalistic wedding theme get in touch and we will guide you to complete styling success your guest will be gushing at for all the right reasons.

By Louise Manning

Blog 31

22nd June 2019

Top 5 wedding Trends of 2019

Trend 3 – Eco-Friendly Weddings

Absolutely loving the eco-friendly trends and what a great way to look after our environment. A few ideas we are seeing come to life more and more often are succulents/plants for keepsakes/favours, recycled paper invitations, all reusable table wear, handmade items, seasonal and local flowers, reduced amount of stationary (e.g. no save the dates etc…)  and naturally made confetti (pictured).

Why is this trend exploding? Because more and more couples are ecologically aware, we care about our environment and what impact our wedding or event may have on the environment and why not showcase this to your guests so they can follow suit. Also, venues often have many event terms and conditions that must be followed, e.g. no confetti or only natural confetti and no releasing of balloons, what goes up must come down and generally ends up in water ways affecting our sea and wildlife. When planning your wedding or next event spare a thought for the environment and discover the many ways you can decorate or style in an eco-friendly manner, like the confetti pictured such and easy DIY project too. Simply collect fallen leaves use different shaped hole punchers to create a flawless confetti show on your wedding day.  A lot of eco-friendly ideas are all DIY and this seconds as a brilliant way to save expenses on your wedding day also.

By Louise Manning 

Blog 30

13th June 2019

Top 5 Wedding Trends of 2019

Trend 2 - Colours & Florals 

This year we are finding our brides are opting for bright coloured styling touches and florals, whilst keeping their attire simple and more often then not plain colours, whilst we still get the influx of greenery request our clients are seeking brighter fuller bouquets highlighting an essence and bold splash of colours. These choices and visions really make your photography pop too. Whether you opt for a certain type of bold flowers like sunflowers or a rainbow combination or just a variety of stunning blooms the options are endless and can really add a new dimension to your complete look, generally these looks are complimented with plain white or ivory bridal party attire or very soft light colour themes. On the styling front a simple napkin or place card capturing at least one of the colours from the floral centrepieces can really bring the reception together and tie into the bridal party look. Will this trend hang around? Time will defiantly tell. I hope so we are loving it! It's a nice change from the simple greenery and minimal flowers we see often. If done right the bright colours can really enlighten the room and set an up beat fun filled vibe for all you guests. 

By Louise Manning  

Blog 29

24th May 2019 

Top 5 Wedding Trends of 2019

Trend 1 - Entertainment

This year we are finding a lot of clients are mostly interested in great entertainment for their guest whether this be delivered in the form of music eg a band, or quality DJ, or the likes of ever so popular lawn games, adults and children activities, like jumping castles, bucking bull, photo booths etc.., they are opting out of structured and formal run sheets and going for a more relaxed interactive style evening of  entertainment.  More often then not our clients are reducing formalities and the time allocated to allow more dancing and entertainment hours. Our clients are adding more entertaining  formalities like choregraphed dances, wedding games like "shoe game" that if done right can leave your guest with a something different and lasting impression of your wedding but when considering the endless different entertainment options for your wedding this should always reflect you and your partners personalities, what suits you both as a couple but also spare a through for your guests and consider what crowd you are trying to entertain are they a young crowd or older crowd, how many kids under 12 are attending? What will your guest find funny or offensive, entertaining or boring once you work out the group your entertaining as long as it aligns with your personalities, style and theme you'll be set for an amazing night wither way,  just remember to always add the experience of non-digital entertainment.  Stay tuned for our next top wedding trends of 2019

By Louise Manning 

Blog 28

7th May 2019 

Caitie's 21st 

Sweet Caitie is blessed with a beautiful kind hearted Mum who engaged our services to create a winter wonderland fantasyland and that's exactly what we delivered. We outsourced all the required props from our amazing suppliers including Party Mumma, angelic events and Beyond lighting and arrived at the venue The Whistler in Maitland to bring this beauty together. What a joy to create and design this fantasyland and how amazing does Caitie look Hair and Make up by the talented Stacey Hipwell Makeup and Devine Hair.

the amazing willows really set the theme off and were created by Caitie's talented Mum & Dad (Stacey & . the theme wouldn't of been the same with out those amazing blue up lights. We loved styling this 21st and simply cannot wait for the wedding one day. 

By Louise Manning 

The kind words sent to us by our beautiful clients...

Where do I start!
Louise and Cassie were wonderful people to deal with. They grabbed our crazy thoughts and turned them into a cohesive and beautiful fantasyland for Caitie’s 21st. They sourced supplies, found the best prices, set up and packed down. I barely needed to lift a finger myself other then to enjoy it all.
When a hitch arose (which they weren’t party to organising), they stepped in and went way beyond what I could expect and made it happen, and made sure I got it for free for the trouble. 🙌🏻 two hands up guys!! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Steven, Stacey & the Birthday babe Caitie  

Blog 27

17th April 2019

van Loon Wedding - 29th March 2019 

The ever so lovely Mark and Karen tied the knot on the 29th March 2019 there ceremony took place the Cockfighter's Ghost Vineyard in the picturesque Hunter Valley followed by their reception at Hunters Quarter. Mark and Karen engaged my services a mere couple of day prior to Christmas with a 12 week lead time, they asked whether or not I could create their wedding from top to toe and coordinate their wedding day, of course I obliged we set a date and I was off, they were inundated with choices and we planned their perfect wedding. The ever so talented Leighsa Cox from Leighsa Cox Photography was engaged and she did not disappoint the emotions captured in her images are amazing (see more images on our Gallery Page). Mark & Karen chose an abundance of amazing vendors including but not limited to Lisa Fowler H & M, Jason Thomas as their celebrant, Kim from Hunter Valley Bouquets did a stunning job on creating the floral arrangements,  Matt McLaren as their wedding soloist / band OMG wasn't he amazing the tunes were endless the dance floor was always full, cheese tower by the team at Hunter Belle Cheese and the Epic BIL Andrew as their entertaining MC. what a day what an even better night. So to paint a picture Mark is a pilot and probably one of the funniest introduction to a speech I've ever heard he had me in stitches. it went something like this "Good evening Ladies and Gentleman this is your captain speaking, beside me is my Co-captain in life the beautiful Karen"  presented in the most perfect captain tone that the room was is laughter. The highlight of this wedding would have been the speeches whilst they went a bit over time they were worth every minute they were an emotional roller coaster of tears and laughter. Mark & Karen have both been though a lot in life and met though a dating site and are destined for an amazing life together they were an absolutely awesome to work with couldn't be more proud of how their wedding came so perfectly together. They deserve nothing but the absolute best in life. A huge shout out to my amazing suppliers couldn't have done this with out you.

By Louise Manning

Mark & Karen were lovely enough to send me these kind words....

We asked you to plan our non-traditional, modern minimalist wedding in 12 weeks of which 5 of those we were both out of the country and you delivered beyond all our expectations. You made our dream a reality. Your professionalism, persistence, patience and thoughtfulness is a true testament to you Louise, and your team at Hunter Events NSW. We couldn’t have done it without you and highly recommend Louise and Hunter Events NSW.

Mark & Karen  

Blog 26

13th April 2019

Classic or Traditional Themed Weddings & Events...

A classic or traditional wedding or event is often, quite a formal occasion which includes a sit-down three-course dinner at a reception.

Markers of such a wedding or event, typically, include the couple marrying in a church; although nothing is stopping the couple or clients for opting for an outdoor ceremony. The bride wearing a classically styled, usually princess ballgown-style wedding dress, in white, of course, as well as formal celebrations following the ceremony. The groom will wear a classic black tuxedo, and the groomsmen will generally wear a tuxedo also or a formal suit. The bridal party will usually consist of many members including flower girls, page boys, junior bridesmaids/groomsmen, ushers and ring bearers.

Formal celebrations that are prevalent in a classic or traditional wedding include professional wedding photos, the cutting of the cake, speeches, first dance, father-daughter and mother-son dances, and the garter and bouquet toss. If the couple are married in a church, there may be further religious or cultural traditions that are incorporated into the ceremony also. For example, in some cultures, once the ceremony has commenced the bridal party will wait in a receiving line at the alter so that each and every guest present can come past one by one and congratulate the bridal party.

Other classic or traditional functions and events generally grasp the same concept as weddings like baptisms, christening etc...

Photos speak a thousand words ask for our styling guide for inspiration and many classic or traditional themed weddings and event ideas.

By Louise Manning

Blog 25

28th March 2019

What to expect...

A mother and event planners perspective of the Hunter Valley Airshow & Festival of 2019.

What a day out we have in store for you this epic event is not just an Airshow! Hell NO its so SO much more, as you arrive at the carpark with a group of family and friends you emerge from the car the kids are screaming with excitement, you attempt to calm them down but little to no hope as they just spotted the static aircraft at the entry as the kids begin jumping up and down in anticipation for what lies ahead you find your selves immersed in our neighbouring hangers and their aircraft displays and soon after you’ll arrive at the ticket booths if you’re a clever parent you’ll already have your tickets in hand previously purchased online to avoid queues and the kids nagging endlessly to get through the gates, so on through the gates you’ll go and as your progress though the entry gates. You’ll continue along the path, past out sponsors signs and flags and soon even your heart will be pumping for what’s install as your inner child emerges because boom the helicopters are in full motion as their blades cut through the air and they head off on a scenic flight. But you glance to you right and wow it just goes on for what seems like for ever. So you find yourself at a cross road do we take a helicopter joy flight now or do we head right and explore everything else the event has on offer, well let me tell you what ever direction you choose the whole family is in for a treat.

Right it is! As we progress along we are immediately greeted with a bunch of quality street food outlets it will leave you questioning just what will you decide on for lunch well aren’t we in for a treat but hang on the kids are pulling you further along trust them to discover the car show displays, military vehicles, antique aircraft and you glance over and the men are just as interested as are you. But then while all this is happening an echo of screams and excitement ripple through the crowd as the Airshow display has just begun so we stop and all just look up in awe WOW what a show as the air entertainment continues with flips and roaring entertainment though the skies all your worries have left and your imagination is running wild and guess what the kids are quiet, then… mum, mum, dad, dad look look they repeat endlessly tugging at our arms, ‘that in itself is worth every penny’ they have noticed this rides so off we head to the kids zone but on our way the mums notice a bunch of markets and wine tasting stalls and start shopping, with such a large selection there is a little something for everyone to enjoy some of the finest local produce and homemade goods.

But the kids zone is far to inviting where there is entertainment for every aged child with an unlimited ride pass the kids can enjoy festival fun for hours, you watch as they head down the giant slide for what seems like the 100th time, hop between the mechanical rides, and your littlest ones enjoy the soft play area. The kids need a break from the rides and they discover the colouring in competition, paper plane making competition, face painting, balloon sculpting and the jumping castles all while you enjoy a good cup of coffee and morning tea the kids are so intensely entertained and with all the adrenaline pumping action from the skies you won’t miss a beat and the exhilarating noise from the F18’s is sure to please everyone in absolute awe of their power speed and precision.

Before you know it its already time for lunch and with so much air entertainment going on the family finds a comfortable spot to sit down and enjoy the sky shows above while you all enjoy a family lunch from an abundance of quality food vendors and endless street food choices.

As you progress a little through the day you head off for a drink or two in the alcohol zone while the kids sit and enjoy all the surrounding entertainment maybe their watching kids or adults get bucked off the mechanical bull, then you decide to head off for more exploring. Some 6-7 hours later you wonder where you day has gone, you’ve managed to experience a hot air balloon ride, a helicopter scenic flight, got behind the wheel in a couple of our simulator exhibits and you realise your just in time for the competition announcements toward the end of the day regardless of the result the kids are over the moon and are physically exhausted walking out with faces painted and sculpted balloons, paper planes, foam planes (if they were the lucky first 1000 children) and begging to come again plus a whole lot of family memories and priceless photos.

An absolutely well done day for all 😊

A complete fun filled family festival for all ages, come and discover endless entertainment for absolutely everyone.

We can’t wait for you to experience all of this with us on the 6th & 7th of April at Cessnock Airport. Get your tickets via www.huntervalleyairshow.com.au

By Louise Manning

Blog 24

19th March 2019

Garden Theme...

A wedding or event that takes place in a garden or outdoors is generally a relaxed affair, however, they can range from requiring a smart-casual to a formal dress code.

Some couples choose to continue the celebrations outdoors and create a festival-inspired setting with the inclusion of food trucks and outdoor games, whereas other couples may choose to move the wedding to an indoor reception for a formal sit-down dinner and evening of formalities.

Whilst garden weddings and events can be ever so beautiful there is also a real risk with weather, you MUST always prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Always ensure you have a suitable back up for poor weather.

You may have the perfect vision in mind of a perfect day but always be comfortable that their is every possibility that your wet weather option may very well be your actual event. If your not completely comfortable with your indoors option consider hiring a marquee to protect your guests from all weather possibilities. Also spear a though for heat in the summer months and plan accordingly.

Gardens events and weddings are generally styled with an abundance of greenery and often highlight a punch of colour throughout the flowers but often clients also opt of the white and ivory flowers with greenery styling, regardless of how you style a garden event you are almost always guaranteed a beautiful event no matter what as your amongst a beautiful setting and backdrop.  

Photos speak a thousand words ask for our styling guide for inspiration and many garden theme ideas.

By Louise Manning

Blog 23

13th March 2019

Industrial Theme... 

Industrial weddings are weddings that incorporate an industrial aesthetic. This is usually achieved through the choice of venue and the way it is styled. Industrial characteristics include raw textures and materials such as polished concrete, aged timber and exposed brick. A beautifully created master piece can be easily created with a industrial back drop through in a punch of green and wow amazing from top to toe. 

Industrial weddings can be both sit-down and stand-up cocktail affairs, depending on the venue and the couple’s preference. An industrial wedding may be traditional in nature in terms of formalities and the bridal party, but is set in a non-traditional context. with endless options to explore and many industrial venues to consider do shy away from an industrial theme it can be pleasantly surprising.  

Photos speak a thousand words ask for our styling guide for inspiration and many industrial ideas...

By Louise Manning 

Blog 22

4th March 2019

Rustic Theme...

Over the next few months I will post blogs where I touch very lightly on each of the most popular styling themes and one of my favourite themes is the rustic styling theme which is inspired by the simplicity of country life and references nature and outdoors. A rustic event usually incorporates rustic elements such as timber (lots of timber), metal, hessian and natural more unstructured bouquets and flowers.

Rustic events are usually held, and tend to work best, in venues like barns, sheds, vineyards and outdoors under a marquee or a grand tree, and the reception will usually consist of a sit-down dinner but doesn't have to. Most rustic weddings may have the ceremony and reception at the same location, or on the same property, which is simply beautiful and logistically pleasing.

Some formalities may be present, however, a rustic wedding is typically quite relaxed and laid back, as opposed to being very formal. Couples may choose to have many bridal party members, just a few or even none.

 Photos speak a thousand words ask for our styling guide for inspiration and many rustic event ideas…

By Louise Manning

Blog 21

24th February 2019

Wedding Gown Guide...

Choosing the perfect wedding dress is usually one of the first things on your mind after becoming engaged, and sometimes this is easier said than done with all the choice on offer. It’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed when there are so many different wedding dress styles on offer. When you enter the wonderful world of bridal design the terminology can get very confusing. If you’re unsure about which style or neckline to opt for then stress no more, our handy guide will tell you everything you need to know! We’ve rounded up the most popular wedding dress styles and necklines for you to learn, but always remember what you think might suit you body type might be completely different in reality so don't get so caught up in one style that you don’t consider others at you first fitting try on a few styles until you find the right style that suits your body type then try on different design in that style. The most popular and know styles are A-Line, Ballgown, Empire, Mermaid and Sheath. While our extensive guide will help to get you started, don’t be afraid to branch out and give different designs a try when you are on the hunt for your perfect gown. You might be pleasantly surprised to find a style you would never have imagined would suit you is actually the perfect gown for you. But most importantly enjoy your shopping experience after all you’re on the hunt for the most important dress of your life for the most important occasion of your life. Want to learn and know a lot more about each gown type please send us a message and we can email our complimentary guide across.

By Louise Manning 

Blog 20

17th February 2019

Planning Success...

Many many times our clients ask how do you possibly remember and handle absolutely everything and create successful events so here’s a little secret. Whether we are planning a sweet 16th for 50 guests, a wedding for 100 guests, a 500 guests corporate event or even a 20,000 people public event we follow check lists for each and every part of the event planning process these checklist are crucial in ensuring no part of planning is missed. Plus their our saving grace we’d be completely lost without them. Our extensive checklists make sure every aspect of your event is covered without getting to the day and realising an important part hasn’t been covered or no one was appointed to handle a certain aspect on the day. For example I was a guest at a wedding once and discovered no one was controlling the ceremony music it hadn’t be thought about and certainly hadn’t been organised, this left guests and the priest in a flurry about who or what was organising and handling this aspect. Our checklists are extremely comprehensive so no part, no task no important component is missing through each and every one of our 4 stages of event planning. With a backend check list for each and every planning stage plus a further complete event checklist shared with our clients you can rest at ease knowing your event day will come together smoothly with out mishaps, confusion, missed components & poor planning. We also ensure absolutely each and every boxed is ticked and actually completed no point creating and using check lists if the individual tasks are not being completed.  So if your set off to create a big and beautiful event yourself or even a small intimate luncheon create a check list for each stage of your planning process and I can assure you that you’ll thank me later and you'll find your way to complete event success. All sounds like too much to worry about then send us an email or message we’d love to help you create absolute event planning success completely stress free.

By Louise Manning

Blog 19

10th February 2019

My three Key’s to an entertaining event...

Whether your planning a Wedding, Private Function, public event or corporate event there are three major keys to create the right vibe right and feel for an entertaining day or night for your event. Often my clients tell me they just want a great party awesome night and every one having have great time and dancing the night away so here’s my advise.

The first key is music whether you have contracted a DJ or a band a quality DJ or band should work the crowd and accommodate music to your crowds interests no point performing or playing all night for an empty dance floor, if a style of music is not sparking interest that should be charged immediately. the right entertainers will work your crown and engage their interest in dancing the night through. 

The second key is your master of ceremony (MC) they play a huge huge role in ensuring your guests are engaged in the formalities, that they are interested in the evening events. The verbal presentation of your reception is equally as important as your ceremony when thinking about weddings. Don’t make the mistake so many do and have an inexperienced family member or friend MC your evening. If there experienced then awesome go with that if there not you should carefully consider the impact this may have on the verbal presentation of your evening. For example will that say something your not completely comfortable with or very out of line? Will they address your guests with respect and diligence? Will they be engaging? Will they work your crowd? Will they verbally present your event the way you want and lastly will they even enjoy the night their a guest after all. The role of an MC is a night long commitment not a few words here and there. So choose your MC wisely a great MC will bring a professional edge, add personal touches, engage your audience and work your crown the night through.

Lastly and my final and quite possibly the most important key is YOU!!! What are YOU doing all night whether your the boss, CFO, or management of a corporate event, or the newly weds, or even a band performing on a huge stage in front of hundreds and thousands of patrons, your guests will follow your actions and guidance. If your dancing the night away so will they, if your sitting all night too afraid of an empty dance floor so will they, or if a band wasn’t dancing wasn’t engaging then your guests WILL replicate your actions if your parting they WILL too. So a lot rests on your actions and your direct ability to fill a dance floor is extremely powerful don’t regret your actions, don’t complain of sore feet remove those heels and just party! With the addition of the above two keys I can assure you that your night will be an epic success that your guests are talking about for years to come.

By Louise Manning 

Blog 18

3rd February 2019

Catering Decisions?

With so many modern day catering styles the endless choices can me be even more challenging to make however let me simplify this for you.

Your catering should completely reflect your absolute personality. No point having a five course formal affair with perfectly paired wines if your personality and style would far better suit relaxed shared platters or buffet or maybe even a food truck. Further your complete event and the type of guests on your guests list should help you in making your decision E.g. will you & your guest much prefer a beer and a burger or 3 course alternate drop service. Will you start the night with a glass of champagne and delicately presented canapés or a grazing table? Most venues offer multiple menus to accommodate all budgets, event styles & personalities. The best factor in making a decision on your style of catering is the feel and vibe you want for your event, are you seeking a relaxed, chilled, low key event with no seated tables venue styled with relaxing lounges and high top tables and stools? Then I’d suggested menus like grazing station, full canapé service or food truck service. Having seated tables but not wanting an overly formal vibe then shared platters & buffet service with generally cake for dessert would suit you. Or maybe you like the finer and more formal luxuries of life and a 3-5 course alternate drop meal is just want you what and know suits you, your personality and vision best.

However one things for certain you should always book and ensure you taste your menu regardless off your menu and service choice, picking a menu without knowing how it presented what it’s plated or served with can make all the difference to what you do or don’t expect on the night. Your caterer may have used an ingredient your not enjoying during your tasting and you might like to make specific changes to a certain dishes look and taste. Maybe you’d prefer a mash over roasted potatoes or broccoli over green beans. There are so many choices with endless possibilities and any quality Caterer should happily make menu modifications within reason to a certain dish or service to perfectly satisfy your wishes. If your catering supplier gives you limited choices to taste then make a wise decision to taste dishes that will be served to the majority not minority’s no point tasting a vegan dish if only 1 of your 100 guests are vegan you should get a idea from the other items you’ve tasted to know roughly what your vegan dish might be like. If menu is most important to you I’d highly recommend you taste your menu prior to booking any catering company or venue, always check and question volume you do not what your guest going home hungry with any type and style of catering.

 By Louise Manning

Blog 17

27th January 2019

Wedding Florals...

Ever seen a wedding bouquet and though wow I love how that’s shaped, presented and bunched. Well let me tell you I’m no florist or flower expect but I know enough to share a little knowledge. They are many many types and styles of wedding bouquets from Hand tied bouquets to pageant bouquets and everything in between. Picking and having your florist design the best style to suit your body shape is highly important to obtain the perfect overall look on your special day. Here's a little more light on some of the most popular bridal bouquets.

The absolute most popular is the Nosegay, more commonly named the Posy. These are round clusters of flowers and a very trendy style of bridal bouquet. This style of bouquet dates back to the 14th century where they were used to mask unpleasant odours hence the name ‘nosegay’. Nosegay’s can vary in sophistication and therefore a great choice for any wedding.

A hand tied bouquet, also known as a posy, is one of the simplest styles of bridal bouquet. As the name suggests, it is a bunch of flowers with stems grouped together in an unstructured way and tied; usually with a ribbon. Minimalist hand tied bouquets are popular, with many brides choosing to carry just three or four of the same long-stemmed flowers.

The cascade or shower bouquet is a very traditional and stylish form of bouquet. The flowers are arranged to look as if they are flowing over the bride’s hands and down towards her feet.  This style of bouquet can be extremely large, but the smaller modern versions are often known as teardrop or trail bouquets.

Think of the gorgeous flowers draped along the forearm of Miss World and you’ll know this style!  The pageant bouquet, or ‘arm sheaf’ is very different to the classic round posy, it is an elegant longer line bouquet where the flower stems are kept at a long length and tied loosely around the blooms. Designed to rest along the bride’s arm with the flower heads resting just above her elbows, the pageant bouquet can be made formal or informal depending on your style.

Simple single-flowers bunched into a wedding bouquet in a round or dome shape complements most wedding gowns. Generally hardier flowers like roses, which are easier to arrange and can endure a little manhandling.

An unusual choice for a bridal bouquet, the pomander is a sphere or ball of flowers carried by a loop of ribbon. Although the pomander, also known as a kissing ball, can look very romantic and youthful for a bride, it is more often used for bridesmaids or flower girls.

The Victorian posy is a traditional hand-tied or wired bunch where the flowers are placed in ascending rings around a central bloom, usually a rose. This design was very popular for weddings back in the mid 19th century, but lost favour to the cascading shower bouquet in the late 20th century.

Single stem bouquets, much like the single tier wedding cake, create a look that is both effortless and edgy. More than that, they allow us to see the beauty in the detail of your chosen flower, and they really let your wedding dress shine!

Basket Flowers are perfect for a sweet little Flower girl or perfect to hold rose petals ready for confetti throwing. With so many options and styles you really can tie this in with any theme. Add a little sign for an extra touch.

Complete the men’s and boys looks with a small or large boutonniere to complement the girl’s bouquets, theme it to match and use identical flowers and greenery.

Perfect for the Mum’s and grandma’s, a sweet and beautiful corsage whether big or small will also make them fell part of the bridal party or simply special involved and though of.  Order them to suit your complete wedding flowers and theme.

With so many choices decisions can be more challenging generally as soon as you see our graphic loaded floral guide you’ll get a feel for what you love and what might suit your style and vision best. 

By Louise Manning 

Blog 16 

19th January 2019

Summer Events...

With temperatures soaring well into the 40's please always consider the comfort of your guests, if your having an outdoor ceremony or an outdoor wedding or event there is lots to consider. Ensure you have a hydration station filled with replenishing beverages, wet, cold and/or frozen towelettes,  offer plenty of water, with loads of ice to keep it cool, electric fans are a must and add a mister to really cool down your guests, find shady locations if your venue has or allows, or start your event much later in the day but always protect your guests, have sunscreen available, offer umbrellas and hand held fans if there is no shade or cover available. At all costs you must avoid any of your guest getting dehydrated, sunburn or heat stroke. Be extra mindful of children and babies as well as the elderly they are less likely to be tolerable to the heat.

If your location is near a dam or a lake or creek, consider an mosquito and fly replant station as well. Spend a little on the added comfort of your guest and it truly will go along way and allow everyone to actually enjoy your day and not be hot, bothered and anxious towards the outdoor event longing for it to wrap up as they eagerly await the comfort of air conditioning. Think about how you can be best comfortable for your event and at your venue and replicate this for your guests. 

By Louise Manning 

Blog 15 - Part 1

15th December 2018

Five Reasons to Choose the Hunter Valley for Your Destination Wedding...

Well where do I start there are hundreds of reasons to choose the Stunning Hunter Valley as your wedding destination in fact there is something magical about a Hunter Valley wedding with a timeless backdrop where elegance and class meets breathing taking country and vineyard landscapes. Having the majestic Hunter Valley as part of our service area is one of the main reasons I established my business, visiting the Hunter Valley and enjoying everything it has to offer in the eventing world on a weekly sometimes on a daily basis, is like a trip away almost each and every day. So here’s my top reasons…

Reason 1 - The feels

As soon as you begin your to drive into the Hunter Valley you instantly get a feel of complete sense of relaxation, good vibes and tranquillity it’s as though all your worries and stresses of life have been left behind, as you continue driving around and discovering the endless attractions the valley has on offer you’ll soon find yourself enjoying the finer things in life. This is the sense and feel you can create with your wedding and have your guests experience just the same. This also offers endless photography opportunities at almost every vineyard, attraction, estate and resort depending on the style of photography and backdrop your seeking you’ll be sure to find the perfect countryside awaiting you and your wedding party. Not a local? Have a Hunter Valley wedding and your guests will stay the complete weekend making your wedding feel more like a three day event not just one. Plan the complete weekend make the most of everything the Valley has to offer.

By Louise Manning

Blog 15 - Part 2

23rd December 2018

Reason 2 - Your spoilt for choice

The choices are endless. I work directly with at least 20-30 Wedding and event venues across the Hunter Valley and each and every one is completely unique in their own way. I can assure you whether you have 10 guests 100 or 1000 there are venues of every scale, every size, every style and every budget to accommodate your needs, wishes and Vision. There are multiple extremely prestigious venues and many simple but stunning and affordable venues. Offering a broad range of culinary options and service styles when It comes to food Hunter Valley has you covered, whether you want canape service, alternative drop service, shared plates, 5 star decadents or a simple Buffet you’ll find you have endless choices. There are also several chapel’s throughout the vineyards so again your spoilt with choice for your ceremony or choose one of the hundreds of garden, grounds, vineyards or orchards for outdoor ceremony. But almost most importantly is accommodation, again your spoilt with choice, depending on your nightly budget but you find even your most budget conscious guests will easily afford accommodation in the valley. With multiple major venues offering 50 plus rooms you’re sure to find accommodation to suit all your guests in one location.

 By Louise Manning

Blog 15 - Part 3

29th December 2018

Reason 3 - The Wine

Oh the wine. The biggest tourism draw card are our internationally award winning and famous wines distributed on a huge commercial scale for many of our wineries, then there are many family owned boutique wineries that welcome guests with open arms for wine tastings sales, tours etc... The beauty of a hunter valley wedding is you can at most wineries host your wedding in their venue or hire in a marquee and obviously serve their wine range or host your wedding at a BYO venue that will allow you to bring in your own wine from any of our wineries. Regardless of your taste in wine whether sweet, dry, red, aged, sparkling etc... you’ll be sure to find the perfect drop in our vineyards to suit the palate of you and your guests. So if wine is the most important factor of your wedding then the Hunter Valley is the destination wedding location for you.

By Louise Manning

Blog 15 - Part 4 

5th January 2019

Reason 4 - Suppliers

Working with over 120 local suppliers from every aspect of your wedding we can assure you that there is no need to spend a fortune in travel costs by employing Sydney based suppliers, there are hundreds of quality and highly recommended and even award winning suppliers. From DJ’s to photography, stationary to entertainment, florals to transport and any and every other aspect of your wedding. Our suppliers are either nestled directly in Hunter valley or based a short drive away in Newcastle the great news is that the hunter region is flooded with amazing suppliers to pull together your dream wedding regardless of your vision, style, budget, personality, needs and numbers, plus each and every one of our suppliers offers our clients exclusive industry discounts not available to the public saving you dollars. Most good quality local vendors also know all the Hunter Valley venues well, they know the best ways to layout your wedding perfectly, the best areas and locations for the perfect photography and the best shots. Don’t waste hours and hours researching out of area suppliers allow us to bring you the best locals to suit you and your wedding.

By Louise Manning

Blog 15 - Part 5 

13th January 2019

Reason 5 - The attractions

With so many daily, monthly and annual attractions like food and wine festivals, stomp festival, cheese festival, Lovedale long lunch, air shows, wine tours, markets, the wineries, the vineyards, day spas, luxury outings, wine tours, helicopter rides, hot air balloon rides, horse and cart trips, and many more attractions there is no reason you can’t plan your wedding around one of these major public event attractions or create a private day out and plan for your guests. Make the most of what’s available book a tour, add a unique dimension to your wedding and arrive in a helicopter or a horse and cart. With so many resorts offering so many luxury and also affordable tours and trips you’ll find yourself struggling to decide on what suits you and your guests best.

In Conclusion...

Hoping these 5 reasons entice you to consider the majestic and beautifully stunning Hunter Valley for your destination wedding, have no idea where to start drop us a line and we can handle absolutely everything and give you a Hunter Valley tour of the top most suitable venues for you and your wedding. Along with significantly reducing the amount of time you need to travel in the lead up to your wedding.

 By Louise Manning 

Blog 14

8th December 2018

Everlasting Love...

Before popping the question or walking down the isle I bet the thought had crossed your mind is he really my Mr Right? or is she really my Mrs right? Maybe you have all the right feelings and there’s no question you have the Man or woman of your dreams and that’s awesome. But others may question their feelings and decisions so here’s my story.

Last week after being admitted into hospital for a few days I had the pleasure of sharing a room with a very dear old sweet man named Trevor and every morning he would call his wife and have the ever most sweetest conversation with his lovely wife. His concerns for her and what’s going on at home whilst he’s not around well exceeded his concerns for him self and his recovery. He would comfort her and guide her around the household jobs she was handling for him. Like watering the fruit trees, turning a pump on and off. She would continue each conversation with comments like how are you today have you eaten, have you walked today. (He’s recovering from a knee operation)

The back and fourth conversation was honestly one of the most loveliest and heartwarming conversations I’ve ever heard. He always ended each conversation with you take care my love, and make sure you rest, I love you and she would reply in similar context, to the point of bringing a little tear to my eye. They have been married for 65 years what an amazing journey and life they must have had and continue to have whilst they enjoy growing old together. Thank you Trevor for sharing your story with me.

Well this got me thinking and here’s my opinion, ask your self can you envision your self growing old with your fiancé? If you can can that's all I think you you need. Yes love, trust, loyalty, companionship, happiness etc... all pay a major part in getting to a ripe old marriage but 65 years is a true testament. I honestly believe if you look ahead 40-60 years and know you’ll still love your spouse more then you do now then your marriage is destined for great future. Yes all marriages understandably have ups and downs but getting through them together makes your marriage and bond so much stronger. Marry the special one you know you’re looking forward to growing old with. Wishing you all life long marriages and everlasting love with your Mr or Mrs Right.

By Louise Manning 

Blog 13

30th November 2018

Engagement Ring Buying Guide...

So the age old rule or myth states any partner intending to propose should invest a complete three months value of wages on the ring.

But that’s all just a myth/ story what should you really invest? This all comes down to you and your fiancé to be situation. Are you saving for a home? Are you paying off debts? Entering in another debt is something you should consider carefully. But also it should really be something you discuss with your fiancé. Maybe she wants a simple and petite ring, maybe she what’s a huge diamond, also what style ring suits her?

One suggestion is discuss the style of rings with her if she’s not already dropping hints. Ladies give your partners some guidance and suggestions walking around at the shops show your fiancé the styles you love. Generally you would get the vibe or hints from your fiancé when their considering popping the question work with them help them out.

Here’s a quick guide either way.

Step 1.

Decide your budget what can you afford, are you taking out a loan to cover the costs? Once you have a budget you can progress to the next step.

Step 2.

What ring size is your fiancé to be, maybe her mother or friend can help you out here or trace an existing ring of hers and take it too your jeweller to measure the size. Rings can always be resized so if it’s not perfect it’s not the end of the world.

Step 3.

Decide on a style try to get your fiancé input here. Most common styles are Halo, Three Stone, Solitaire, Vintage, Fancy. Or create a custom design. Once a design is chosen your ready for the next step.

Step 4. 

The metal colour, so general way to work this out is what your fiancé wears most. The most common choices are platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, palladium and silver.

Step 5.

Decide on the 4 C’s the diamond’s Cut, Clarity, Colour, & Carat Budget will have a huge impact on your choice of diamond.

Step 6.

Decide on the diamonds shape, your options here are Round, Princess, Emerald, Asscher, Marquise, Oval, Radiant, Pear, Heart or Cushion.

Once all this is decided head to your chosen jewellery shop or visit a few and compare prices and get shopping.

 If your a girlfriend reading this and you need your fiancé to know this info send him a link to my Blog. Most people have no diamond or ring knowledge what so ever. If your lucky and the proposal is a surprise generally you can go shopping with your fiancé and pick their ring, where together you can decide the metal, shape, width, pattern, texture and engraving in 6 easy equally easy steps.

 Hoping you find this Engagement ring Buying guide Helpful, happy ring shopping.

By Louise  Manning

Blog 12

24th November 2018

Events & Seasons...

When booking and planning any type of function or event the seasonal weather should most definitely be considered. For example thinking a barn wedding steer very clear from summer it will most likely be far too hot and your guests won’t enjoy them selves or the event and there’s simply no real effective way to cool a barn, alternatively winter weddings should also be considered with caution again to control the cold, while you can bring in heaters and it might make a significant difference you need to cautious of elderly and there ability to handle the cold. For a barn style event I’d strongly recommend a spring or autumn wedding. If your thinking a summer or winter event choose your venue carefully. Either fully heated or air conditioned for the comfort of you and your guests. Also think about the photos you’d like to capture, you can take amazing photos year round but winter you’ll see less green, spring you’ll see lots of new fresh greens summer full green foliage and autumn months you’ll see an array of different shades in leaf colour as the leaves start dropping off. Also bear in mind what time and what day light there is available all year round, don’t forget daylight savings too. As you know the sun sets significantly earlier in the winter months and having a late wedding ceremony for example will leave little time to capture the amazing photos you want, so time management and carful planning here are critically important. There any many aspects to consider when choosing the most suitable venue and creating the perfect day schedule and with thoughtful planning and strategically selecting the most suitable venues you can be blessed with the most perfect event any time of the year.

By Louise Manning

Blog 11 

17th November 2017

The Kiss...

When thinking about The Kiss as you become newlyweds and to seal your marriage there’s a few things you need to consider. Firstly your guests want to see a real Kiss with a lot of passion and love don’t result to a quick peck on the lips or cheeks this simply won’t cut it. If your embarrassed or nervous simply imagine that no one else is around and your about to make love to the man or woman of your dreams standing in front of you, be passionate and gently and delicately place your hand behind his or her head bring them towards you and go for it, get the tongue action happening make it romantic. Secondly your Kiss must be long enough for photography and videography to capture it. A quick peck will result in the golden shot being missed. It should last at least 20-30 seconds. Also consider swapping your head positions mid Kiss this will allow your photographer to capture both faces. If your worried about your lipstick consider using smudge less lippy or simply reapply or touch up after your ceremony your maid of honour can also fix it up directly after your Kiss so don’t let your makeup be the reason you opt for a quick meaningless Kiss, there a many ways around this. But lastly and most importantly discuss this with your fiancee come up with a Kiss plan your both happy and comfortable with practice lots. On the day express your intense love for one another through the most important Kiss of your life don’t rush it if you want a minute long Kiss go for it this will also get your guests going crazy with excitement you’ll hear shouts like “get a room” as the clapping begins. It’s a opportunity you will simply never ever have again so do it right make it perfect and you be delighted with the end photography and videography results.

By Louise Manning

Blog 10

11th November 2018

Why Hire a Wedding or Event Planner?

The question you should ask your self is why not? A qualified professional wedding planner is equipped with a huge bank of carefully selected vendors and venues. They will only recommended highly qualified suppliers that are recognised for their work in the industry. They will know everything you could need to know about anything and everything Wedding and Event planning. They will also know the ins and outs of pricing and should have a exceptional negotiation skills to obtain the absolute best deal without a compromise on service and quality. The benefit a planner has over clients is generally there a one off client where planners are repeating clients giving us greater negotiating power. This is only the tip of the iceberg on what you can expect from us as professional and passionate planners.

By Louise Manning 

Blog 9

3rd November 2018

An Events Verbal Presentation...

The verbal presentation of your event or wedding can be just as important as the presentation of your styling, theming attire, food etc... if the verbal presentation is sloppy or boring and not engaging then your audience simply won’t engage in the formalities that are taking place. You’ll find they’ll be wrapped up in their own conversations rather than paying any attention. In order to have the best verbal presentation of your evening we recommend having a professional emcee that can’t add personality, fun, engaging content and make it a great night and one your guests will remember. Having a family member whilst they may be terrific you also hold the risk of them drinking and potentially ruining the evening by saying inappropriate content or bringing up unnecessary past experiences. Also carefully choose who you want to speak for your speeches getting extend family members sometimes results in talk way off track from the couple at hand. Try to limit the numbers speeches more than 6 speakers can become boring for guests or consider breaking speeches up into two sections over the course of your formalities. We are proud to offer an extensive MC service to our valued clients that we have worked with and gotten to know well through our planning journey to ensure the verbal presentation is the best it can be. We strive to always engage and captivate our audiences with an emphasis of the couples personality and creating a fun and uplifting vibe.

By Louise Manning 

Blog 8

26th October 2018

What do guests really want?

So recently I was guest at a couple of weddings and decided to observe the event’s as a guest to get a real understanding of what any guest really wants. Here’s my observations, if your starting your wedding or event at say 5pm if guests are not welcome to sit or enter the reception area for 30-45min then always have drinks an canapes served so your guests can relax and be able to mingle and have a few nibbles to satisfy their hunger. Always make sure your pre-dinner drinks and canapes are served in a large enough space for your guests to enjoy them without being packed in like sardines. Once guests are welcomed and find their table or seat don’t have huge periods of nothing, organise your run sheet so at all points of the night the guest are entertained and something is physically happening. Don’t drag out the formalities forever considering braking up the formalities. Don’t create a boring wedding or event mix things up add a little fun and personality into the night leave with the guests talking about unique and fun your wedding or event was. Do something different get your guests involved. More importantly guests want quality food and an impeccable service, waiting 30min for a drink request is not acceptable, receiving burnt, cold or dry main meal is not acceptable, having finished plates siting on the table waiting to be removed for 45min is not acceptable. Ensure your venue or catering company has the accurate staff to guest ratio for both food and beverage services, we spend thousands and thousands creating perfect events so don’t cut cost where it matters most. However my biggest observation was the couples and the bridal party, they can single handily ruin the vibe of a wedding or event. If there mingling with guests and having an amazing time then so will your guests the bridal party should be on the dance floor almost all night, then your guest will replicate and your event will be a smashing success that you and your guests will remember forever.

By Louise Manning

Blog 7 

21st October 2018

There are NO rules in weddings...

Often my clients ask for advise and of course I’m always here to provide my advise and my opinions but I always tell my clients when there unsure about a decision that may not be a common choice. That there are simply no rules in weddings. For Example a groom to be and his mother recently asked my opinion of whether having his father as a groomsmen was ok? Whitest is not a common first choice as most would normally select mates or brothers I reassured my client that there are “no rules in weddings” and if you wanted to choose your dad and/or you don’t have brother or brother in law to be then why not! Or maybe you do have many other options but it’s dad that you value most! You know what It’s your wedding and it should be everything absolutely everything you as a couple want. whether that be you wear your sneakers and get an amazing cliff shot or you have 15 bridesmaids and groomsmen it is completely and utterly your day your wedding these changes generally bring out the best in couples and making your wedding super unique and personalised for any number of reasons and will have people raving about your wedding for years to come. So don’t be afraid ever, please I encourage all my clients to bring out the best in your wedding by adding your personality in unique choices in anyway shape or form. creating visions and bringing unique ideas to life is my passion.

By Louise Manning 

Blog 6

12th October 2018

When Styling

Sometimes More is More!

Styling a plain and boring venue often needs more in these events more is often more. Opt for bigger bolder taller floral centrepieces along with furniture and furnishings to breakup what may be a lot of white walls. Consider hanging draping with colours to suit your theme or invest in a lot of hanging greenery and florals add a touch of soft lighting both hanging and waterfalls and you’ll transform something boring and plain into an amazing masterpiece of romantic, style and class. On the flip side if your venue offers amazing architecture and décor then don’t hide it and don’t make the venue appear to busy keep your styling very minimal to compliment and let the existing décor and venues true features shine.

By Louise Manning 

Blog 5

5th October 2018

CASE STUDY $5,500 saving just on the venue. 

Current wedding clients of mine engaged my services to plan, design, style and MC their wedding whilst we are still at Stage 1 of planning them a perfect wedding just on the reception alone I saved them an excessive $5,500 by simply looking at the venues packages, options and choosing the best value for their wedding along with negotiating in a passionate and professional way. Often clients don’t have the industry knowledge to ask certain questions and don’t have the negotiation power to obtain any discounted or reduced costs. I am hugely passionate about finding any and every way to create savings for all components of all events. Here’s what they had to say...

"Hunter Events NSW  has made the start of our wedding planning an easy process. Louise is easy to communicate with and sets my mind at easy when i become overwhelmed. Louise made us feel comfortable like we were talking to a friend and reassured us that she meant business when dealing with the venue. Louise got us an excellent deal and strategically saved us a huge $5,500, on the venue and accommodation alone. She offered suggestions to get the best deal the venue was offering plus negotiated further to obtain free venue hire and discounted accommodation. Directly dealing with the venue we would not have obtained these offers or had the negotiation power Louise has. This saving has made a significant impact on our budget and we can now afford a lot more in other areas of our wedding. So far we rate Louise’s service 10/10." - Tim & Bronwyn

Let us make you our next success story. 

By Louise Manning

Blog 4

30th September 2018 

A Marriage Not Just A Wedding

I know that it can be hard to see past the day itself, and you’re just doing whatever you can to craft a beautiful event, but there is often so much wasted expense that goes into a wedding and so many strategic ways to save costs for the same wedding vision and outcome. Often engaged couples forget that it’s just one day in your life together, but the environmental toll can continue long after the day is done, begging your marriage with a significant debt or overdrawn credit cards can put unnecessary stress on such a young marriage. We all want the perfect day and as professionals we can make that perfect day become a reality with simple and strategic steps to ensure we have an affordable budget and a affordable wedding knowing the marriage we are planning is begging on the right financial foundations.

 By Louise Manning 

Blog 3

24th September 2018 

Run sheets

When creating your wedding or event run sheet drawing attention to sunset is so important if your wanting daylight lawns game your run sheet should reflect that, creating the perfect run sheet is imperative consider all factors for example if you want twilight/sunset photos then ensure adequate daylight remains. Your run sheet should start from the day before your event so any deliveries and initial setups are included. A professionally created run sheet will ensure minimal issues and everyone engaged in the event will know where to be when, what to set up and where and be given specific and clear logistical information.

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17th September 2018

Can i afford a Wedding or event Planner... 

REAL STORY some ten years ago my husband suggested as we began planning our wedding that I should hire a wedding planner and I promptly said no we don’t need one nor can we afford it, to be honest I had no idea what a Wedding Planner even did. Truth is I couldn’t afford not to hire a planner the extensive amount of money and time I could of saved I will never forgive myself for. We were a busy young couple, building our home and running a business we selected the very first supplier in every aspect and had no time to shop around and compare, but even if we did we wouldn’t have had any ability to negotiate. Its amazing what extensive study in this industry has taught me and what I’d love to teach you all, there are hundreds of benefits to engage the services of a wedding planner saving Time & Money are just a start. I’m crazy passionate about sticking to budgets, creating amazing events and bringing vision to life.

By Louise Manning 

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9th September 2018

Budget Budget Budget...

Everyone has a Wedding or event budget whether it’s $1,000 for a small private function $10,000 for acorporate event or small wedding or an extravagant corporate affair or wedding at $100,000 it’s imperative you stick to it. Why because there’s no award for the best wedding or event even in corporate world!

Did you know the 2018 Australian average wedding spend is $55,000. Wow! For a lot of couples that’s simply not affordable, but maybe you have financial help of parents or family but even still, there’s no need for you or family to be left with thousands and thousands of credit card debts well beyond your event date.

There are hundreds of ways you can selectively choose the right vendors and suppliers to bring your event or wedding together within your set budget. I'm hugely passionate about ensuring we do everything possible to work within budgets and negotiate and recommend the right venues and suppliers to bring it together. For example selecting the more affordable season for your wedding, changing your corporate event to a week day, keep an eye out for venue & suppliers specials or promotions, just to name a few. You’ll be surprised what you can save and what an expert that lives and breathes weddings and events can outsource, let us know if this was helpful. Sign up to our newsletter below for the latest information and news.

By Louise Manning

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