What Our Clients Say... 

I couldn’t be happier to recommend Louise Manning from Hunter Events NSW. As a bride, planning a wedding can be immensely stressful and overwhelming. With the help and support of Louise I have felt neither of these things but excitement for my big day. Louise has handled everything so professionally and has been contactable 24/7. This is a rare combination I find these days especially in the wedding business. Everything to do with the wedding flows through Louise and therefore I find it easier to handle. Louise has an optimistic and lovely personality and is very passionate in helping Andrew and myself on our special day. I am excited and grateful for the time and effort Louise has put into our wedding and I don’t think I could have gotten this far without her. Both Andrew and my ideas have been clearly expressed and Louise has made this fit perfectly and has not altered away from our vision. Thank you Louise for the amount of amazing planning that has been put into our wedding. - Andrew and Naomi 

I attended an event created and planned by Hunter Events recently and was extremely impressed..... The attention to detail was second to none! I will definitely be in contact in the future to engage their service. - Laura

Thank you is not enough to Hunter Events for the amazing 21st Birthday Party for our son. On the venue inspection Louise asked about things I never would've thought of asking. In addition the venue were very happy to work with Hunter Events NSW due to the professionalism and level of organisation shown. It meant the party ran like clockwork. Hunter Events NSW went above and beyond our expectations. I felt confident and comfortable that all aspects of the event were being taken care of and therefore we could thoroughly be in the moment and enjoy together with our family and friends. When considering suppliers and recommendations we had full visibility of everything. We were advised by Hunter Events NSW of all things that we needed to consider, and we were guided in our choices however all decisions were still ours. Louise understood us as a family as well as what we wanted out the party and our friends and family are still commenting on what an amazing night was had by all. We were able to thoroughly enjoy the night in the knowledge that Hunter Events NSW were taking care of every single detail. We Rate Louise's services 10/10 as we could not fault the professionalism shown. - Alex

I would highly recommend Louise from Hunter Events to anyone as she has high attention to detail and strategic planning qualities. This makes planning for any stressful event one to be enjoyed as I believe I'm in safe hands and can confidently know that my vision for my event will be brought into reality. - Nicole

"Hunter Events NSW  has made the start of our wedding planning an easy process. Louise is easy to communicate with and sets my mind at easy when i become overwhelmed. Louise made us feel comfortable like we were talking to a friend and reassured us that she meant business when dealing with the venue. Louise got us an excellent deal and strategically saved us a huge $5,500, on the venue and accommodation alone. She offered suggestions to get the best deal the venue was offering plus negotiated further to obtain free venue hire and discounted accommodation. Directly dealing with the venue we would not have obtained these offers or had the negotiation power Louise has. This saving has made a significant impact on our budget and we can now afford a lot more in other areas of our wedding. So far we rate Louise’s service 10/10." - Tim & Bronwyn

"Hunter Events NSW did an outstanding job in every aspect of planning and delivery on the night for our sons 21st birthday . We can honestly say that we felt no stress before the event and were delighted with the actual event on the night. The effort that went into setting up the venue and how it was presented on the night exceeded our expectations. Louise’s hard work  in planning the event to our satisfaction and desires was evident to the results she produced on the night, the actual making of the cake was outstanding . We would not hesitate it recommending Hunter Events NSW to anyone who wishes to have a  professional company  that can deliver their needs, wants and desires" - Grant 

 “Louise was extremely professional to deal with, right from our first contact through to the event. Very resourceful and detail-oriented, Louise knows how to deliver a great event." - Damien 

"I Jade Jackson, High Street Socials Events Coordinator was paired together with Hunter Events NSW planner Louise Manning to organise Reece's 21st. First time working with another events planner apposed to working solo and i have never been so impressed. I learnt so much from Louise, she is so passionate about her job and what she does it's inspiring! Louise went above and beyond and has definitely made it  into my highly recommended. It was a pleasure working with Hunter Events and i without a doubt would happily do it again".  - Jade

“It’s hard to truly understand the value of hiring any wedding planner until you go through the process but not only did this turn out to be one of the easiest and best decisions we ever made... it was also incredibly affordable! Aside from the very reasonable price they charged us directly, their ability to negotiate prices from our various vendors along the way ended up saving us tons of money from the prices we had been quoted directly” - Stacey

“I think just being able to get rid of all that worry and know that everything’s going to be perfect, everything’s going to be seamless and if it’s not, you won’t even know about it because your wedding planner will handle it” - Jessica

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